Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hey Jammars! Today is November! The 25th! And in a month it's you know! Christmas! I celebrate Christmas. Do you? Well, the weather sure seems to think it's Christmas (No, I don't live in Buffalo) because it was SNOWING on NOVEMBER 10TH which is NOT supposed to be happening. And now all the snow has melted (when it was supposed to be snowing) and it looks really sad and disgusting. HOW CAN YOU GO FROM DECEMBER TO APRIL IN A WEEK?!? Sigh. Northern rants. Okay, we have a not-so pretty sight on the very first page of the ol' JJ.
...Oh. Oh my. I don't think I will ever get that image out of my head. Why is it so big? And gelatinous? Ew, I'm gonna stop describing it. It's actually kinda cute!
AND it can go in water and land! I am DYING to see what it looks like swimming, but I can't get it. Oh, you don't have enough diamonds, you say. Nope, I actually have 32. Well then what?
Yeah. It happened again. Thanks to good ol' AJ (and/or my parents) I am a nonmember! Yaay! Not. Ugh, this is so ANNOYING! grrr. I am sorry nonmembers that you have to put up with this. You can't really do ANYTHING! You can't buy stuff from the Diamond Shop, you can't buy most of the stuff from the stores... anyway, my parents are probably going to fix this. (I pay $6.00 a month to keep up my membership in case you're wondering, my parents don't pay for it.) Okay, I'm sorry that I'm ranting about being nonmember when here are actual nonmembers out there. #firstworldproblems Well, you know what time it is!

On this week's Emoticon Friday, I missed Friday so I'm doing it on a Tuesday.
1. ;_;  Crying and pondering the meaning of life.
2. ._.  "Huh." Bland face.
4. >:3D  Evil mustache guy
5. o/\o  I HAVE NO IDEA. The bottom line is part of it.

All right. The gifts are starting in 5 days!! And it's the Feast of Thanks season. Remember to be thankful for everything, and give a little something this holiday season. Even if it's to yourself.

Well, that's about it. Bye guys!

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  1. The polar bears look kind of cool! Sorry to hear that you are non-member again. Wow, you have a twin! XD And cool emoticons! :)


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