Friday, November 7, 2014


Hi guys! Sorry for the weird post. And posting schedule. I have been off 2 issues of the Jamaa Journal! Goodness! This was AJHQ's silly joke all the way back 2 weeks ago:
XD Ha ha, AJHQ. The classic polar bear in a snowstorm. Well, they've done a follow-up for that this week, with the usual hilarious animated video featuring Jamaa's newest animal:
I love those videos. And POLAR BEARS ARE HERE!!! HOORAY!! Just in time for the Jamaalidays. Awwww!!!! Cute wittle wion pets have arrived! RAR! They're adorable. It almost makes me forget they're in the Diamond Shop. Well, there's shome more new shtuff!
Ooo! A Sky Kingdom! Nice! I haven't bought it yet, but I've heard it's supposed to be INCREDIBLE. And it's not in the Diamond Shop! Yayz :3 Speaking of :3's, you know what time it is!

No, it's not time to spin the wheel of mythicality, it's EMOTICON FRIDAY!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! That's this new thing I'm launching smack in the middle of a post. Here's 5 cool/random emoticons!

1. Mustache 1: :3D
2. Mustache 2: :|D
3. Fancy Mustache: :{D
4. Frosty the Snowman!: C|:∆D
5. *sniffle*: º~º

Okay, that's done. Here's EVEN MORE new stuff!!
Oh! A new adventure....? Didn't we just have one? BUT WHO CARES! Yay hooray, a new adventure! I tried it, it's really fun. And it's nonmember! YAAY!! There's also some neat hair salon items in the store:
And the Ice Armor is on sale! I remember back in the good old days when the Ice Armor first came out! I think it was the summer of '41... or was it this January? I can never remember. I also can't remember when AJ EVER released Feast of Thanks den items... but there they are!

Look at those lovely items! And seriously, AJHQ hasn't really celebrated the Feast of Thanks. It was just announced in the Jamaa Journal and they released 2 hats. But now they have some cute items to decorate your dens with! And I think that's what we'll end with. Bye!


  1. XD It's so obvious that it's a polar bear! And the Sky Kingdom is huge! I almost got lost in it! The new adventure is well.. confusing. Haha, you got the "You know what time it is" from GMM when Link is about to spin the wheel of mythicality. XD


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