Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Gifts Start Tomorrow...again!

HEY JAMMAWONIFULOUZE! That is quite possibly the coolest name I've ever given you! I'm posting today partly because I'm bored and partly because THE GIFTS START TOMORROW and it's sort of a holiday tradition. *pant pant* Click here to see last year's! WOOHOO!!! GIFTS!! OF 2014!! HOO HOO! Yep, real mature Neros. Screaming HOO HOO on the internet.
Are you excited? I sure am, because I just went HOO HOO! HOO HOO!! The JJ says that there will be all new gifts, so we have a lot to look forward to! I wonder if on December 25, Christmas day AJHQ will give out a diamond or 2 to everyone. That would be AWESOME! It's like an advent calendar, you get all these presents throughout December. YEAH!! I feel like SNOWBOARDIN'!
HOO HOO!! Yeah, I gotta stop saying that. A perfect pink helmet for doing some snowboarding through the snow! YEAH!
Well! That doesn't look awkward at all! By the way, the Jam-a-Gram glitch has struck again.
 YAY! SPRING IS HERE! Wait. It's November.
No it's not! It's May!
YAAAY! MMGs HAVE COME BACK! I DON'T EVEN CARE THAT IT'S NOT MAY! And that it didn't include a gift! I don't know what's causing this. Apparently this has happened to other Jammers too. Weeeeird O.o This is what I dreamt of last night!
...Oh! Well, that's it. Bye! See you in DEECEMBERRRRRR


  1. My, my, you dreamed that a shark ate you up? What a terrible dream! XD The picture looks hilarious for some reason I don't know. Saying "HOO HOO" on the internet is really mature. Really, it is. I'm really excited about the gifts. I hope AJHQ gives out diamonds as one of the presents for this year. And I like the new background! It looks awesome! And the snowpotato looks epic! :)

    1. Yep, I drew it hilariously! XD Saying HOO HOO is very mature. HOO HOO!! Thanks for the compliment about the background. Frosty the Snowpotato loves compliments. XD


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