Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The weird glitch that is haunting me!

Hey Jammalicious Jammabrains! Woah, that didn't work. Oo-kay, we are moving on from that. Are you enjoying your Thanksgiving break? If you live in the US and your school does that? I know they closed schools in Atlanta, Georgia (nope I don't live there) because they aren't doing CNN Student News today through Friday. CNN is cool. Okay, about the glitch thingy. Well, I logged on today and looked at my mail:
Oh goody, I got 5 messages since yesterday! Wait- what? I usually get 5 messages a week! And they're mostly buddy requests. (Thanks guys!) So what's this?
Oh, right! That makes sense! An ad for their new boo- wait a second. I got that in August.
Oh, okay... this kinda looks familiar but it's not enough to worry about.

Now THIS is concerning! Though they don't state the year, I remember getting this in December last AJ said in the Jamaa Journal you could get a pet polar bear if you got a gift card before the end of the year...and the Ice Armor is already in the Diamond Shop.

Okay, this is weird. "New"? It came out a year and a half ago and that's when they sent it to me originally!

This one is just laughable. Who's gonna tell AJ that it's not July?

And the weirdest thing is once I've gone through them, the "5 new messages" thing is still there!
I even tried logging out and back in, and it's still there! IT'S HAUNTING MEEEEEWell, on a happier note, here's the new items for the past 2 weeks!

Why are there so many salon items? Didn't we vote that out in like June? Huh. My personal favorite is in the second picture, the Wooden Coat Rack. Well, I guess that's all animals can get! A tree with a cape on it. Okay, so you know Thanksgiving is tomorrow right? AJ has been ever so nice in honor of that and gave us a new yearly Jam-a-Gram!! 
I hope Select a buddy! likes their snowflake. Ooo, speaking of snowflakes, it's snowing today!! Yay!! ^_^
"Ooo, look at all the pretty sno- this window is like 3 years old stop showing it to the viewers every year."
I think I'm going to go outside and play in it and make snow angels!!! Yes, my five-year-old self still likes to do that instead of sitting inside and wasting my life by blogging writing nice, productive things! Yeah! That's totally what I do! I think I'm gonna go now. Bye! :)


  1. Actually you DID get five new messages. Those promotional Jam-a-Grams just show up before them for some reason. I was confused too until I actually went through them to check.

  2. Thatglitch happens to me DX I've read 40 times and its not gone. ITS STILL HAUNTING ME DX


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