Monday, December 15, 2014

A New Adventure?!

Hey Jammeri-os! (Rhymes with Cheerios! Get it? No? Okay.) On the 15th day of the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to meee...
Oh, nice! But it's from last year. Meh. I put it under my Christmas tree!
Yep, it's outside. Yep, it's not an official Jamaaliday Tree. Yep, it has a giraffe on top of it. Yep yep yep! Oh, by the way, the Phantom Ornament is terrible about getting on the tree without going behind it. Where did you get it, you say? Weell, that brings me to my next segment! THE NEWEST ADVENTURE!
Yes, it's the JAMAALIDAY RESCUE! The ONE-OF-A-KIND ADVENTURE that makes your SPINE TINGLE and your TOES fall off! Oh, and did I mention you could win a new car?! Okay, a game show host didn't take over my computer, but there is this awesome new adventure!
Getting to it: Okay, so it's not an official adventure. You can find it on the Parties menu, above the Adventure Base Camp sign. You click on it, and it automatically logs you into an adventure with up to 7 other people (I think)! Synopsis/directions: You pretty much have to go through an icy labyrinth and find all the presents to get prizes.
Tips/tricks: If you find 75 presents, you are presented with 2 prizes. You can open them both up if  you are member, but if you're not then you can open up 1. This is what they look like:
After that, find 75 more presents and the same thing happens. Then find 150 more presents and the same thing happens. Then find 150 more presents and the same thing happens. So by now you've found 450 presents! Good job! You are confronted with 2 last prizes and then the adventure is over. Also, if you find 3 other people to jump on the various ice blocks, you can get bonus presents! :D

So that's pretty much it! It doesn't save your progress but it's not timed. You should play it, it's really fun! Here's one of the prizes that I swear I screamed when I saw:
OH MY FLOUR CRACKERS (don't know where that came from) IT'S STEVEN THE SNOWMAN!! AHHHHHHHHTime for the rare item Monday!
Ooo, it's so fancy! And Christmassy! And..expensive. I wish it were cheaper O.O Here's some more Christmas cheer just in time for the holidays!

Now you can be a jingle pinecone wreath necklace-wearing reindeer! Oh yeah! That's it. Bye! See ya next time!

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