Saturday, December 13, 2014

A New Theme and Decorations + Emoticon Saturday!

Hey Jammers!! Guess what day it is?! IT'S 12/13/14!! YAAAAAY!!!!!!! 12-13-14 dance!
I don't know where I'm jumping. Or what's wrong with my hair. But seriously! It's 12-13-14! We can't do stuff like that for 85 years! When we're all old. Or dead. Hopefully not though! Okay, so this week's gifts are a bunch of stuffs:

Woah! Those are really not organized. HAHAHA I HAVE RUINED YOUR LIFE, PEOPLE WITH OCD! Sorry. Okay, now for an exciting AJ update!
They changed the homepage! They haven't updated the font though. Uggh, I really don't like how they drew Sir Gilbert. He looks like a serial killer/Five Nights at Freddy's character/creepy tiger. But all the other ones are adorable!!! <3 I wonder if they'll bring this back next winter. That would be nice! (Well, if they changed Sir Gilbert.) Oh! I have more news!
Yup, more new decorations! This one was found in Jamaa Township. I like the mug and Jamaaliday lights! Here's another one:
 Ooh, a candy cane archway! It's also in Jamaa Township. Here's the final one:
Oh, jingle bells in Coral Canyons! Cool! Well, since I didn't post yesterday, you get an Emoticon Friday!

1. +_+  Dead 1
2. XP  Dead 2
3. :|  ohhh noes i'm not gonna get into this
4. =^.^=  Blush

Now, what you've all been waiting for! (Maybe. Probably not actually.) Our update of the day! These snowmen made the table very angry.
Get off, snowmen! Okay, time to go. Bye!

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