Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bag o' Gifts and Steven the Snowman

Hey Jammaloes! Oooooon the third day of the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me:
A B- hey! Didn't we already get this? Like every year?! And they said it would be all new gifts!
Oh. Many. GRRRRRBVJGYDFUGFJHBVJBVJ Okay, here is the glitch I was hinting of yesterday: Look at the image below.
It looks like a normal Jam-a-Gram, right? But then look closer:
Umm, what the heck?! And I didn't take this from a storage account, either!
I went ahead and sent the card, just to see what would happen, and sure enough!

The weird thing is it shows up first. Lately I've been getting old promotional messages from AJHQ (that they sent out years ago, click here to see that post) in the beginning of my mail, The even weirder thing is they stay there. Even if I get a new JaG, I have to go through all 7 of the weird promotional messages to get to it. And yet the only one that shows up first are the ones from me. SOOO WEEIIIIIIIRDD!! I wonder if the 2 glitches are connected. Okay, now for our update:
Oooo, so pretty! Yep! AJ has updated to its Jamaaliday theme in Jamaa Township, including some new decorations! (Like those bells in the picture!) Shall we take a tour?
I'll take that as a yes! First of all, we have some pretty candle-lit lights. They would be a lot prettier if Jamaa Township was dark, though. That's exactly how the lights look when the snow is falling and it's growing dark and you see a soft little candle-lit light and it's all so beautiful and CHRISTMASSSSSS Also, there's a random bunny's ear! Okay, next area.
AHHH HALP!! That is the creepiest snowman named Steven I've ever seen. Actually the only snowman named Steven I've ever seen. Fortunately, I kicked him in the face so you won't be terrorized by him.
Take that, you dirty beast! Sorry, that's all the time I have left. See y'all tomorrowz!

1 comment:

  1. Steven the Snowman. Wow. Creepy. O.O Yeah, kick him in the face until his face falls off! XD Yes, the updated Jamaa Township looks nice. It looks all Chistmassy. (I don't think that word exists but I'm just going to use it :P) I've also been getting old promotional JAGs from AJHQ. Really weird.


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