Monday, December 1, 2014

Beaded Hedges + December!

HELLO JAMMAS!! IT IS DECEMBER!! YEAH! Happy December November! Wait. That's not it. Well, anyway now that it's December, I have sent out THE VERY FIRST ISSUE OF THE OFFICIAL AJP EMAIL LIST/CLUB/WHATEVER!! That was a long title. I hope you enjoy it, people who joined ^_^ Oh yeah! I am member again! Member dance!
Last night I watched a movie called Olive the Other Reindeer. It was pretty good! I liked the animation style. But this isn't a movie critique! The title is December, for goodness sake! SO! On the first day of the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me...
A Jamaaliday Hedge! Nifty! Oh goodness, I don't know where that came from. Not the item! The "nifty" part. The item is cool, though! I put it on a candy cane table because that's the way I roll.
 It actually looks good that way! I should become a trend-setter! Wait, that's not a thing. You can't just become a trend-setter. Ookay, I'm gonna stop talking now. Oh, and they got a half-new advent calendar this year!
Oh, it looks like we'll be getting diamonds 17 times this month. That is approximately 54%, which is just over half! Yay! (I know, you didn't think you'd be doing math when you clicked on this blog!) Is it the same for nonmembers? I'd find out, but I'm too lazy. Okay, today's RIM is...
The Rare Beaded Necklace! Woop woop! Look at that intricately beaded...pixel mash. LET'S DO THE PIXEL MASH! Okay, I am saying the weirdest things today. Lick Obama's nose! I promise he'll love it! QUOOO!!!!! I am losing it. Bye and happy DEECEMBERRRRRRR

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  1. Licking Obama's nose? He will love it! Really, I'm sure he will! XD The Jamaaliday Hedge looks awesome! There are a few kids at my school who are trend-setters. A lot of kids copy them. And congrats on being a member again! :D I love the first issue of the AJP club! It is epic! :)


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