Friday, December 5, 2014

Jingle Trees

*UPDATE* I just realized I accidentally titled this "Friday's and saturday's and maybe sunday's post". XD I fixed that.

Hey gals! And guys I guess. Do any boys read my blog? Anywho, on the 5th day o' the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me:
A POTATONo, an all-new item! With these new Jingle Bell Bracelets, you can annoy the heck out of your friends and family. :D Obviously I can't put it in my den, but here's me by the slowly growing holiday collection:
It looks like I'm one of those eagles that scientists caught and put the tag on their foot, so they can look observe them. *GASP* What if that's actually what the jingle bracelets are?! They're tags, so AJHQ can observe us! WE'RE BEING WATCHED!!!!!! Oh, BTW, this is AJP's 222nd post! 222 dance! *dances like a walrus*
HAPPY 22222ND POST! Wait, that's not it. Anyway, the above items are the new items in the Diamond Shop. For all your hunting or panda plushieing needs! I don't know why there's so many weapons in AJ, I thought it was supposed to be a peaceful game O.O Here's something I do know: IT'S HO HO HOLIDAY TIME!!
Time to trim the Christmas Jamaaliday tree with all the different decorations! Not actually trim it. TIME FOR YOUR HAIRCUT, TREE! VRRM VRRRM NOPE! I mean decorate it, not hack off its needles with a machete. The ornaments come in 10 cute colors!
Sorry I kinda screwed up that gif. I don't do color gifs all the time, like the people over at Animal Jam Spirit so sorry ^_^ Well, you know what time it is!

1. U.O/O.U  Sleeping with one eye open
2. U.U  Sleeping 1
3. U_U  Sleeping 2
4. U-U  Sleeping 3
5. U0U  Snore/Sleeping 4/sleeping w/ mouth open

You can see a pattern in today's Emoticon Friday! It's so discreet. Hmm, I wonder what it is? XD Okay! Time for our update! Today Cami was enjoying the lovely fireplace I made.
With my tablet! Yeah, you're really making some smart decisions today, Cami! Well, time for me to go. See you tomorrow!


  1. I read your blog. And I'm a boy. AJ has a lot of weapons. There are swords, double samurai swords, nunchuks, (Is that how you spell it?) bows, and long bows. Nooo!! The tablet is is burning in the fire! And Cami is burning too! R.I.P Cami and tablet. XD

    1. Oh, okay. Sorry I said the thing about boys reading my blog, that was a bit offensive. *gives internet waffle*

    2. It wasn't offensive. :) I was afraid that you thought I was a girl.


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