Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday easter eggs, Sun Hats and Carrot Day!

Hey peoples! That's what they say in trains and buses. Or maybe it's persons. Hmm. Well, Hanukkah has officially started! Yeah! That must be awesome! I'm not Jewish, but yay for the people that are! Oh, by the way, when you search "hanukkah" in Google...
Also, if you search "Christmas" or "Kwanzaa"...
I love it! They're cute ways of spreading holiday cheer. Oh, here's a Thanksgiving easter egg:
It's a little Thanksgiving platter instead of the traditional bell! How cute! I like how it's leaves instead of a turkey. My family and I doesn't eat turkey, but we don't eat leaves! XD Okay, sorry. This is an Animal Jam blog, not a Google/tech/easter egg...thing. So here's something Animal Jamy! On the 16th day of the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me...
A Jamaaliday Mat from last year! Uh huh, great.... I guess we did get an all-new gift on Sunday, so I'm not complaining, but I really wish AJ would give out new gifts. Discard. Well, today's new items are...
The Reindeer Mask! Not the bottom one. Now you can have reindeers on your face and your feet! Just what everyone wants! There's also a new returning holiday favorite, the Giant Candy Cane!
I can hear the old people now. "STOP LICKING THE LAWN FURNITURE!" That would be a great fly trap if you put it in your house. Of course, you could never actually eat it after that... My town has been really gloomy all week. I wish the sun would come out.
Hmm. Well, I read that the sun is big, but not in that sense... XD You should see it on my bunny!
It's seriously taking up 90% of her body! She could turn light blue and completely blend in with it. The perfect hiding place! Oh, and I promise this is the last one, but look at the Epic Sun Hat (this item) on the giraffes!
The hat is like "Nawm nawm nawm I think I'll have this giraffe for lunch" and the giraffe is like "..What? Huh? What's going on?" XD I love messing around with clothes. Yep, that probably sounded wrong so I'm not going to say it again. Now for some announcements!

1. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18TH IS CARROT DAY! It's the official day that me and my 5th grade class made up 2 years ago, and I will give 3 people a present if they wear orange on Thursday and Jam-a-Gram me about it! Spread the word!

2. Wonder what I'm doing with all these daily Jamaaliday gifts? You'll find out very soon! I'm making a video that I will release on YouTube on December 31st.

Make sure you take part in Carrot Day! Okay, time for our update!
I saw this in Coral Canyons. It's an eagle with a soccer ball face. No explanation necessary. All right, bye!!

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