Friday, December 19, 2014


Hey guys! Happy Friday!! On the 19th day of the Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me...
A lovely Icicle Horn! Now you can be a unicorn mixed with Elsa! Sigh. Every 5-year-old girl's dream. Anyway, time for some NEW ITEM ACTION!
These are in Jam Mart Furniture. I like the window! It's a lot fancier than the Winter Window.
Both are pretty though. Here's the other new items:
Ooo! Now your ears can be like little Christmas trees! I hope people don't put presents on your shoulders. If they do, you can always scare 'em off with this frightful and not-so-delightful Yeti Mask, found in the Hot Cocoa Hut!
Cool! I wouldn't recommend buying it, though. It makes you look like Santa with horns.
That might just be my eagle, though. Hmm. Well, you know what time it is!

1. 'w'  Sneaky!
2. >:O  Shouting match
4. :0  "Oh."
5. X0  Knocked out (temporarily)

Ah, that wraps up another successful Emoticon Friday. I'd like to tell you that AJP will have its last post of next week on December 23rd. I'll return to finish out the year, though! Okay. Time for our update of the day!
I leave you with a Christmas present. He totallly won't give you nightmares! I'll give you 3 guesses to guess who he is. No, he's not Elmo! Close though. No, not Oscar! He's not green! NO, HE'S NOT MR. HOOPER! Goodness, you're a terrible guesser. Weel, goodbye!...for now. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH


  1. XD I had no idea who it was.

  2. Yeah, I also think it's Bert. A weird-looking Bert with a mustache and unibrow. :-{D


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