Thursday, December 4, 2014


Hey Jammasians! Today is Thusday, and you know what that means! We have a big update in the Jamaa Journal. To start, JAMAALIDAYS ARE OFFICIALLY HERE! YEAH!!
I love how it was the middle of November and we were all like CHRISTMAS HANUKKAH NEW YEAR'S JOYEUX NĂ–EL OTHER WINTER HOLIDAYS WOOOOOO!!! And AJ's like "It's not the holidays until December 4th!" and we're all like
XD Okay, so YAAAY!! There's Jamaalidays in the air! In honor of it, AJ has decorated the rest of Jamaa.
Nice! :) All right, the second page of the Jamaa Journal brings us to...
The Gingerbread House! This holiday classic returns yearly, although I have the den and sometimes switch to it in July just to be ornery. Okay, page number 3!
Well! This is a lot more exciting! A new game!!! Hooray! We haven't had a new player game in 3 1/2 years! WOOHOO!!!! Here's what Pairs looks like:
Oo! It has emoticons, like in Temple of Trivia! Gameplay goes like this: You try to make a match of two cards by clicking on them. They feature AJ-related pictures!
You even get an achievement!
Rar, those phantoms are starting into my soul. Okay, page numero quatre!
Yay, more annual Jamaaliday stuff! Oh, speaking of, there is a Jamaaliday Gift Basket returning for its second year! It has all the stuff on sale from previous years. Go check it out, I think the picture's up there somewhere ^
(In my opinion, "for the low price of 1 diamond"?! How about no diamonds! There isn't enough things for gems and nonmembers these days.) Speaking of diamonds, here's today's gift!
I love the way they say "1 diamonds". Check your grammar, AJHQ! XD Oh, and there's a bonus gift:
Stuff from last year! Yeah! The diamond actually was probably the bonus gift, but it was first so I'll call it the main gift. Okay, here's the last 2 pages of the JJ:

More stuff we've already heard about! Yeah! Well, I gotta go. My hand is tired. Bye guysss!

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