Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scads of New Items and Pet Foxes return!

Hey everybody! So, TOOOOONS of new stuff today, and this time I DIDN'T take a week off from posting! On the 18th day of da Jamaalidays, Mira gave to me:
A Giant Ornament!!! A new gift for Carrot Day. Yep, it's Carrot Day 2014! WOOOO!!!! I was gonna make a new background but then I was like NOPE so I didn't. I put this ornament under my new-and-improved Christmas tree:
Yep, I finally upgraded to the actual Jamaaliday Tree. It used to be the Big Pine Tree, but that was getting way too small. It haunted me at nights.

SOOOO SLEEP DEPRIVED no, not really. Well, here's somethin' new! AJHQ changed the loading screen!! Yay ^o^ Here's the pictures I've managed to take so far:

Aww, they're so CUTE! Now they have a summer loading screen and a winter one! Okay, time for more new newsworthy things:
Awwwwww!!!!! Wittle foxes have come back to the Diamond Shop! Yey! It's been more than 2 years since they first made their appearance in November 2012. They were the member gift! (Remember those? :'( ) Here's the second page:
Yep, the Jamaaliday Rescue. Haha, I'm ahead of you, AJHQ! >:D Onto page numero trois.
Ooo, Jay May Lay Day Ay-tems! Hey, those are all words! Except ay-tems. These gifts and items will keep you happy and warm all winter long! Time for page cuatro!
WOOOOO IT'S 2015 *explodes in confetti* Well, soon. I CAN'T WAIT!!! It is kind of awesome that it said it will be Jamaa's BEST YEAR YET! Last year it just said...
Thank you, Animal Jam World for the picture
I'm excited!! I wonder what's going to happen?! Oh! Before I go, we have TONS of new items in the stores today!! (And yes, I said today! All this stuff came in today!)

Look at that lovely assortment! Now you'll have plenty of decorations, including 4 all-new ornaments for your tree! And a gift hat! WOOO!! Okay, time to go. Bye guys, see you tomorrow!

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