Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a week, I was visiting my cousins. Twas fun! :) But now back to AJ. There's some new items this week, including the Pizza Dart Board. Which is just like..
XD So, there are other new items which I'll show later, but here's something cool! A new party!
Yep, the Bounce House party is here to stay! Let's take a tour, shall we?
I love how the bunny's like HA HA WHEEE I CAN'T GET UP
Here's where ya enter:
It's so cool! It's like a summer carnival in the middle of February! And then there's a giant green bounce house that you start jumping on as soon as you get on it. But seriously! You can't stop bouncing!
And there's slides!
Kay, remember that store at the beginning? Let's look at that.
Oh...oh my. Inflatable furniture. Well, here it is, folks! The pinacle of home design! (Don't even ask me how an "inflatable lamp" works.) Pretty good art, though! It's hard to draw sparkly couches. Ooh! I got one last thing about the party. YOUR PETS JUMP, TOO!!
SUCH FUN, MUCH BOUNCE okay i'll stop it with the doge jokes
Oh, and before we go... we might have a homicidal maniac on our hands.
Oh my. Well, if it has anything to do with the bow and arrows she's wearing... just saying... WELL THAT DOES IT FOR THIS episode of Animal Jam! THANK you guys so much for reading this post. IF YOU LIKED IT, PUNCH that share button IN the face! LIKEABOSS!!! And, high fives all around. *WHAPISH* *WHAPISH* But THANK you guys so much and I will SEE ALL YOU DUDES...IN THE NEXT POST!!!!

jacksepticeye impression, liked it? :P (oh, he's a YouTuber. You should check him out!)
P.S. Oh, here's those other new items. They're not very exciting except for the one I showed you.)


  1. Yay! The new party is awesome! :) And yeah, jacksepticeye is one of the best Youtubers ever! I started watching him when I saw your comment on his BeamNG video. I really hope he makes more of the Escapists, because that game is epic! Also, I love the blog background! THE POTATO OF LOVE!! :D

    1. Yes! jacksepticeye is BOSS!!! :D I love his commentaries from The Escapists. I also hope he makes more Evie videos, they're really funny!! Thanks for complimenting the background, it was pretty easy to make. :)



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