Saturday, February 7, 2015

My new owl and the BEST SENTENCE EVER

Hey guys!! Gosh this feels good. I'm FINALLY posting. Did you like that little break? I know you didn't. Anyway, over the last month I've been doing gaming videos, (like other than AJ) which didn't really work out... so I'm back to blogging! Yay :D Okay! So, I'm sure you realize that Valentine's Day is in a week and that means HEARTZ IS BACK!!! That was a messed up sentence. So, in honor of this, I changed the blog background!! HOORAY FOR HEARTSAnyway, look at my fab owl:
I named her Duchess Thecheetah because it's obvious that she's a cheetah. I mean, duh! She's so cuteee <3!! I love how the AJ artists drew and animated the owls!! And they're very determined, the way they flap their wings. Here's da Jamaa Journal post about the owlz:
SOOO ADORABLEE :lol: Yep, I can add Daily Explorer emoticons to here! :D Okay. Here's more of the Jamaa Journal:
Oh yeah! I remember this from last year. It's really cool and important because there are people that get scammed or hacked or worse- cyberbullied. And it's a real thing. There are actually teens who commit suicide over things like that. ;_; So LET'S KEEP THE INTERNET SAFE WITH BLOGS LIKE THESE! YEAH!
<---Safe internet tips :D
WOW! Things that I had absolutely no idea about because I haven't gone on AJ for like 2 weeks! AWESOME!! (Oh by the way- I saw the episode of Wild Explorers and guess what? Sorry, AJHQ, but it's NOT my favorite Animal Jam show.)

Okay, I'm trying something new! It's...
YEAH! It's a new segment I'm doing. It might move to YouTube. We'll see. Anyway, I hope you like the picture. It only took me 26 hours. SO! This time I have 6 messages.
 Emmmm...NO. People have asked me for my party hat like, what? 100 times? over the last year and a half. Yeah, I'd say about that much. It's really annoying.
Yaay buddy requests :3 Sorry guys. My buddy list is full. I'm going to start unbuddying old people so I can accept your requests!

OHNO IT'S A VAMPIRE WOLF AND A...UM...WOLFS WOLF! AHH!!!! But seriously though thanks for the requests :D
This..this is the best sentence ever. Just perfect.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed this rather long post!! See ya next time!

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