Friday, March 27, 2015

Lucky Clovers Adventure and some sad news... :'(

Hey everyone. My other guinea pig, Rosie died on Wednesday. A piece of my heart was just...broken. I grew up with them, and it is just awful knowing neither of them are here anymore.  It's such a shock to me, especially for Rosie because it was really sudden... 2 weeks ago she was fine. The cage over in my room isn't empty though, I have Tootsie who is also adorable :) Anyway, I have a new channel video! It is a tour of the April Fool's Party (from 2014) I'm sorry it's kind of boring and doesn't have any music, I had school and I'm still sad about I'll add some to it tomorrow. Here it is:

Hope it was useful, since you can't actually go to that yet :) So there aren't any new items today, except this returning one. What the heck is going on with AJ? We haven't had new items since Pi Day! Well, anyway here's the Koi Pond:
Instead I'm going to do a breakdown of the Lucky Clovers adventure. Oh, also I got 17 prizes for it and I'll show you those in a moment.

So it starts in a festive field of hoorayness with Patrick the koala that's obsessed with green.
Yay! It looks great to begin with! And that humongois treasure chest-y lookin' thing is the Epic Treasure Chest that can only be opened with the Epic Key. And ya know how to get that? With 50 darn keys. ARRRRRRGH. I do have one question though. How in the world of Saint Pancake did Patrick move that treasure chest?! It's four times the size of him, and he doesn't look like the strongest sock in the bag. Anyway, let's just get in and play. So here are the Clover Keys you have to get:
They're so cute! But they blend into the other clovers really well. (thank Mira for the paw prints appearing above them) Also, are all the people in this adventure just small? That tiny clover is as big as my head!
And here are the mini treasure chests. As I said before, there are 50 of them. Why 50? Why 50, AJHQ?!!? Why not some smaller number, like 15? It took me 3 hours to get down to 4 (including the Epic Chest) and then the Adobe flash player crashed :'(
So I did not get to open the Epic Treasure Chest. The other 3 were these group keys:
No, you can't walk up that rainbow (though that would be awesome), but you have to get 3 other people to dance on clover spaces. And those 3 other people are extremely uncooperative. I had 2 other people on there and we were all yelling for people to come and of course, no one did. 
There are also other chests that have 2 prizes in them, 1 for members and 1 for nonmembers. But seriously guys, the member prizes aren't that good, so you're not missing much nonmembers. But anyway, in the end I had 38 PRIZES. 38 OF THEM. That's 3 1/2 pages on the den editor! Not all of them were different (I got a heck of a lot of Celtic Windows) but that's still a lot! Here they are in the den editor:

Here they are all on top of each other:
Haha! It looks like someone took the Secret Garden and just walloped it with
clovers. Look at all the shadows! That Lucky Horseshoe is the only thing not green. HORSESHOE! Get it right! This is Saint Patty's Day, not Saint..Yellow's Day! Well, that's it for today. Have a nice life! I'll see ya whenever I post again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey Jammers! So it's March 24th, and that means April's coming up!! Now if you're a new reader of the blog then you might not know that April can get a bit...weird here. It starts out with crazy April Fool's Day (just you wait!) and then as the month goes on, I start talking more and more about Earth Day, my favorite holiday. (We'll get to that in a second.) It also is the month that I created my other blog, Hilarious AJ Pictures. Which...didn't exactly work out. I posted for like a month, then forgot all about it, then went back and ended it. This was all like 2 years ago. Anyway, also in April (as with all months) is the AJP Email List!! Remember if you have an email address, please sign up for that! This issue is going to be extra special....BWAHAHAHAHJust kidding. But please do sign up for that by clicking here and putting your email in the comments. You could also put it in these comments. Anyway, onto Animal Jam.
Oh no! Not again! More returning items. Also, didn't I just see this one somewhere?
Ah. Great job, AJ. So creative! All they did was make it stone and remove the green box. Well, they have other things to do and AJ isn't their top priority. That's understandable. Okay, for today's update, it's...
Okay, first Jam-a-Gram! This from miarocks211.
Ugh. I get asked this all the time. But first, what the heck?!? Do you not know how to type? "Plz u put party hats on trade I will do good". I'm pretty sure she's demanding me to give her my New Year's Party Hat (in a very rude way). First of all, if you're going to ask for a cool old item like that, could you be a little nicer? Or at least grammatically correct? I've gotten at least 50 of these throughout my time on Animal Jam and not one of them- not ONE of them- was the least bit nice about it. I don't think I've ever heard a please. (But I have heard a lot of "Ill give u my spike"s.)  Next JAG!
This is from tillyisfluffy. Okay, Tilly! I will try to make room for you guys because my buddy list is filled up. (I wish it didn't have a limit D:) I currently have 8 buddy requests and 100 buddies. Also it isn't filtered by member and nonmember or who has asked me first... it's just a matter of how many old buddies I can delete and how many new ones I can accept at a given time. (Click here for more info.) Okay, next one!
This one's from catdog347. Wathank you! That's really nice! I already know I'm the swaglord of the galaxy (kidding XD) but thanks for telling me!!
Another one from catdog347! Thanks, catdog! You're awesome! Tanks for all the compliments. Thanks to ALL the people that have complimented me! Shoutouts to hoopyscoop, N2thetalkingcat2, puppy15323, kittenjewel, and a lotof other people! I will feature you guys on an upcoming episode of Mailtime. But for now, see ya later. Bai!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

An Explanation Post (oh, and some AJ)

Hey Jammers! First off, we've reached a landmark in the pageviews department! Everyone, give yourselves a hand for 30,000 VIEWS!!
You did it! You reached that amazing number by yourselves! And I don't say "I" because it's not I. It's you. Without all your beautiful faces out there, reading this blog every day, I would just be a girl sitting at a computer, talking about a game. How boring is that? But you guys have made it what it is today. The last 2 years have been AMAZING for me and I've had such a good time posting and listening to your comments. It just amazes me that 30,000 different people, all with different personalities, different faces, different countries (as mentioned in a previous post)...get up and read AJP every day. It just makes me feel good <3 Also, the situation with the background. I'm saying "Goodbye Poll" because that's exactly what's happening. Guys, I should probably tell you that I have not changed the poll up there above the post...since May 2013. That was almost 2 years ago! Jeez, Neros, update it more! I was actualy thinking of closing it on my sister's birthday (October 24th) like I did last year and the year before (and then brought it back up.) The question was:

Who is your favorite shaman?

The reason I took it down for good was because it was LOSING votes! Like, how do you do that?! There isn't a button to remove it once you've voted! It was up to 180 in June and now it's down to 139. Weird! How do you guys do that? Maybe it's just Blogger being weird. By the way, Peck won. That's the one I voted for :D Anyway, I thought about it very hard...and the new question is:

What is your favorite kind of pasta?

Yep! For a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with pasta, that's what I chose! I hope you vote on it. It's up above this post (you may have to scroll up a bit) under the title of the blog. Well anyway, I suppose we could do some Animal Jam. That's what this blog is about! Well, that and potatoes. I kind of like having these nice, orderly, one-sided conversations! I'm so alone :D So here is today's new items:

Nooo! Returning items D: I hope they make some new ones. But hey, now you can be a musketeer...on a sunny plane! They've got you covered. (Literally.) Although it would be kinda difficult to put all of those hats on at once.
Yeah, that would be difficult. Anyway, I think I'm going to stop here. Have a good week! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hey Jammalicious Jamtastic Jamalitical Jamaasians! WOO! That was a mouthful! Okay, well YA KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS! IT'S TURSDAY.. AND TURSDAY MEEANS UPDAAAATES!!! Youtuber impressions, for the win.
So today we gonn start fom da sart as we often do with the FRONT PAGE! So exciting! I have some choice words to say about this cover today. First of all, do they know what "volume" means in regards to a newspaper?! It means the number of years it's been out. So this post would be

So technically AJ's stating that this is the 142nd year of the Jamaa Journal. And seeing as the Internet's only been around for less than 50 years, I think they need to check their facts. Also I'm guessing by the right sidebar that there will be a new player game (that pops up on the Games tab of people's player cards.) Ohyeahandlionsareback. Okay, moving right along!
When I first skimmed this page I was at first like OHMYGEESEWECANTRADEDIAMONDS but no such luck. It just tells you if the item you're getting is from the Diamond Shop. Wow, what great planning skills! What a good way to spend an entire page on! (Sorry I'm being such a Krabby McPatty, I didn't get a lot of sleep since I had a musical performance last night.)
I WAS RIGHT!! Sort of. Not really. I was right about it being a game! Anyway, THIS is new! It pops up as a party? Cool! So now we have 3 types of game: traditional game, player game and party game! I got the chance of playing it, so let's take a tour, shall we?
There is it in the Parties list, all fancy and shiny.
So it's a multiplayer game where you move around to answer questions (kind of a mix between Temple of Trivia and Falling Phantoms) and after 15 seconds or whatever it gives you the answer.
Here's another level (they're called African gray parrots, Butterfly Twins.) to show more gameplay. The check or x lights up if you're on it.
You get 10 gems per round.
XD We're all just like "...oh". We don't give gorillas much credit, do we? (the question was "Gorillas are fierce and aggressive animals".) Also I think that monkey still hasn't moved since the last picture. MOVE, MONKEY, MOVE!

Ookay, everybody, that was Best Guess! The ape-ist game where you yell at monkeys and insult gorillas! Moving along, we have Page 4!
Oh right! The Clover Armor! I had er...noticed that. These pictures are from March 11th and I forgot to post them (sorry!) Anyway. So I saw this horse in the Diamond Shop that had magical floating circles and I was like OH SWEET ZIOS THE END HAS COME and I screenshotted it rapidly. Unfortunately I didn't do a very good job at that so they looked like this:
 And the gif is even better.
So I asked the horse where they found that, and then felt a little silly. Because right there...
Ah. So the Clover Armor has magical floating circles!! That's amazing! Not very practical and it doesn't make much sense, but okay! Well, the main part has those. The other parts are just green. Anyway, on with the Jamaa Journal!
Yep, with an old animal that they deleted and brought back comes a new minibook. Hey! A free NatGeoKids book! Nice! Okay, now onto the next page.
Speaking of Nat Geo books (sort of) there's a new exhibit about Africa! You should go check that out! Let's see what's next.
Oh. Oho. Ohohoho. April Fool's you say. "Wackiest Party" you say. *stifles laugh* AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! AHAHAHAH! That's funny. just you wait, guys. You're going to be in for a BIG surprise. HEEHEEHEE!! Just you wait! April 1st. The biggest event of the year.

Well that was fun! That was just my daily insane person laugh. Nothing bad will happen! Sure it won't! Yeah, we'll go with that! Anyway, I have to go. Goodness that was a long post! I will explain the background on Saturday or Sunday. Bye!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Yeah! 2 posts in a day! The other one was meant for Friday shut your face.

Hey Jammers!! Dya know what today is? IT'S SATURDAAYNo it's not you silly donkeybird, it's SUPER PI DAY!!!! WOOO!! WOODLE!! WOODLE AS A NOODLE!!! I'll remind you that unless you're alive in 100 years, this is the only Super Pi Day you'll find. So let's get in and start findin' those Pi items!!
Ooo! There's one! Can we stop there and get one, Mom? Can we can we can we?! It has a simple name of just Pi Decoration. Makes sense since it's the first item. It looks like some kind of bank vault door. Maybe it is! Maybe the password is pi!! Well, if it is, no one could open it because pi goes on forever. Nice going, engineers!
And here's some more! The Pi Strand and Rug. Nice! Now you can have pi above and below your den. I also want to remind you that you can get these items TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY! So stock up! Okay, let's round up the den items with these:
Ah, the Pi Table, Pi pie, and the Giant Stone Pi!! Awesome. I bought all three of them, and let me just tell you that the Giant Stone Pi really IS giant.
Also the pie makes a good dancing spot.
Dat snake got dem moves!
Okay, that's enough about pi. Though it is pretty cool! Now I want to add a segment acknowledging my viewers. There is a top 10 list that lists how many people are watching from what countries (don't worry, it doesn't say your names or cities ;) ) So I was looking on it, and apparently the 4th most people that look at my blog are from Ukraine! Wow! Give yo selves a hand, Ukrainians! That's kinda cool!! And the 2nd is the United Kingdom. Wow!! Hey, English and British people!! There's also people from Germany, Turkey, France... Bonjour! Merhaba! Wie geht? I'm glad there's so much diversity in my blog readers! What started out as a simple Animal Jam blog is now being read all over the world, and I can't thank you enough for that. It means so much to me that a range of people from around the globe read my blog. I mean, the 6th most people who read my blog are in Australia! Halfway across the world! G'day from boring old America! (I'm kidding, I love my country, I'm just saying that to make a point.)

You know what. I'm going to use a space to make it more legible. There we go. This blog is only almost 2 years old! And look how much it's grown. So I want to thank you guys for that.

Well that was a sappy dappy segment! It's true though. Well, I'm going to leave this post here. I will see you guys sometime in the near future. Byee!!

Rainbows and Overflow and Stuffs

 *THIS POST WAS MEANT FOR YESTERDAY! I didnt get around to posting it. So yay it's Friday the13th.*
 Hey guyssss!!! Welcome to another post. Today-ish's item is the Painted Rainbow!
I wanted to post about it because it stood out to me. It's cool!! Now you can have a sloppy rainbow on your den wall! But when you click on it, I found out that you can CHANGE ITS COLORS. What other colors?? Rainbows are a specific number of colors!! Well, according to AJ, these colors:QASJS
Rainbows are not green!!!! AJ, I think you need to go back to preschool and figure out your colors. It's like "FIDDLETY TEE MCPATRICK! LET'S GO OVER TO THAT GREEN RAINBOW AND PICK UP THEE POTOGOLD! HOO HOO HEE!" Okay, that's not what leprechauns sound like shut your mouth. Here are some other items:
Apparently they have 2 of the same item! And that totally wasn't me screenshotting it twice! Anyway. Now I want to talk about Overflow:
Levels like this! (Sorry I took the screenshot after it showed the win screen.) They're awesome because you can use all the blocks or whatever they are and it makes me so hapyyy!!! (That was my OCD there, pay no mind) AND because it gets you 48 gems!
And it gets you 66 gems!
Now THIS one is kinda confusing at first, but it's fun to trace your eyes through. I love this level!!
This one is so cute! It's 3 little circles all in a row! #3BRIDGESYEAH!!
This is how many gems I ended up getting. WOOOO!!! (I did play it for 20 minutes though.) My brother once played it for an hour and got 2048 gems which is like HOW because the levels do get harder as you go along. But yeah! 68 gems in 1 level! I think that's good enough!

Hmm. That was a strange segment. But it's Friday! ANDYOUKNOWWHATTIMEITIS!!!


3. °W° Cute/Evil Monster
4. °0° "Oh no I  forgot to buy pie at that Kmart" face"
5. ◌̂o◌̂ Oh no I left my keys in that Kmart" face

There you go. You need to remeber things better at that Kmart. Well, I think I'm gonna stop there. Hope ya liked the post and the emotes! See ya later!

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?