Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey Jammers! So it's March 24th, and that means April's coming up!! Now if you're a new reader of the blog then you might not know that April can get a bit...weird here. It starts out with crazy April Fool's Day (just you wait!) and then as the month goes on, I start talking more and more about Earth Day, my favorite holiday. (We'll get to that in a second.) It also is the month that I created my other blog, Hilarious AJ Pictures. Which...didn't exactly work out. I posted for like a month, then forgot all about it, then went back and ended it. This was all like 2 years ago. Anyway, also in April (as with all months) is the AJP Email List!! Remember if you have an email address, please sign up for that! This issue is going to be extra special....BWAHAHAHAHJust kidding. But please do sign up for that by clicking here and putting your email in the comments. You could also put it in these comments. Anyway, onto Animal Jam.
Oh no! Not again! More returning items. Also, didn't I just see this one somewhere?
Ah. Great job, AJ. So creative! All they did was make it stone and remove the green box. Well, they have other things to do and AJ isn't their top priority. That's understandable. Okay, for today's update, it's...
Okay, first Jam-a-Gram! This from miarocks211.
Ugh. I get asked this all the time. But first, what the heck?!? Do you not know how to type? "Plz u put party hats on trade I will do good". I'm pretty sure she's demanding me to give her my New Year's Party Hat (in a very rude way). First of all, if you're going to ask for a cool old item like that, could you be a little nicer? Or at least grammatically correct? I've gotten at least 50 of these throughout my time on Animal Jam and not one of them- not ONE of them- was the least bit nice about it. I don't think I've ever heard a please. (But I have heard a lot of "Ill give u my spike"s.)  Next JAG!
This is from tillyisfluffy. Okay, Tilly! I will try to make room for you guys because my buddy list is filled up. (I wish it didn't have a limit D:) I currently have 8 buddy requests and 100 buddies. Also it isn't filtered by member and nonmember or who has asked me first... it's just a matter of how many old buddies I can delete and how many new ones I can accept at a given time. (Click here for more info.) Okay, next one!
This one's from catdog347. Wathank you! That's really nice! I already know I'm the swaglord of the galaxy (kidding XD) but thanks for telling me!!
Another one from catdog347! Thanks, catdog! You're awesome! Tanks for all the compliments. Thanks to ALL the people that have complimented me! Shoutouts to hoopyscoop, N2thetalkingcat2, puppy15323, kittenjewel, and a lotof other people! I will feature you guys on an upcoming episode of Mailtime. But for now, see ya later. Bai!


  1. catdog347- animaljammerMarch 25, 2015 at 6:27 PM

    hi! can we be buddies on aj.[omg i am on a post]


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