Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hey Jammalicious Jamtastic Jamalitical Jamaasians! WOO! That was a mouthful! Okay, well YA KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS! IT'S TURSDAY.. AND TURSDAY MEEANS UPDAAAATES!!! Youtuber impressions, for the win.
So today we gonn start fom da sart as we often do with the FRONT PAGE! So exciting! I have some choice words to say about this cover today. First of all, do they know what "volume" means in regards to a newspaper?! It means the number of years it's been out. So this post would be

So technically AJ's stating that this is the 142nd year of the Jamaa Journal. And seeing as the Internet's only been around for less than 50 years, I think they need to check their facts. Also I'm guessing by the right sidebar that there will be a new player game (that pops up on the Games tab of people's player cards.) Ohyeahandlionsareback. Okay, moving right along!
When I first skimmed this page I was at first like OHMYGEESEWECANTRADEDIAMONDS but no such luck. It just tells you if the item you're getting is from the Diamond Shop. Wow, what great planning skills! What a good way to spend an entire page on! (Sorry I'm being such a Krabby McPatty, I didn't get a lot of sleep since I had a musical performance last night.)
I WAS RIGHT!! Sort of. Not really. I was right about it being a game! Anyway, THIS is new! It pops up as a party? Cool! So now we have 3 types of game: traditional game, player game and party game! I got the chance of playing it, so let's take a tour, shall we?
There is it in the Parties list, all fancy and shiny.
So it's a multiplayer game where you move around to answer questions (kind of a mix between Temple of Trivia and Falling Phantoms) and after 15 seconds or whatever it gives you the answer.
Here's another level (they're called African gray parrots, Butterfly Twins.) to show more gameplay. The check or x lights up if you're on it.
You get 10 gems per round.
XD We're all just like "...oh". We don't give gorillas much credit, do we? (the question was "Gorillas are fierce and aggressive animals".) Also I think that monkey still hasn't moved since the last picture. MOVE, MONKEY, MOVE!

Ookay, everybody, that was Best Guess! The ape-ist game where you yell at monkeys and insult gorillas! Moving along, we have Page 4!
Oh right! The Clover Armor! I had er...noticed that. These pictures are from March 11th and I forgot to post them (sorry!) Anyway. So I saw this horse in the Diamond Shop that had magical floating circles and I was like OH SWEET ZIOS THE END HAS COME and I screenshotted it rapidly. Unfortunately I didn't do a very good job at that so they looked like this:
 And the gif is even better.
So I asked the horse where they found that, and then felt a little silly. Because right there...
Ah. So the Clover Armor has magical floating circles!! That's amazing! Not very practical and it doesn't make much sense, but okay! Well, the main part has those. The other parts are just green. Anyway, on with the Jamaa Journal!
Yep, with an old animal that they deleted and brought back comes a new minibook. Hey! A free NatGeoKids book! Nice! Okay, now onto the next page.
Speaking of Nat Geo books (sort of) there's a new exhibit about Africa! You should go check that out! Let's see what's next.
Oh. Oho. Ohohoho. April Fool's you say. "Wackiest Party" you say. *stifles laugh* AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!! AHAHAHAH! That's funny. just you wait, guys. You're going to be in for a BIG surprise. HEEHEEHEE!! Just you wait! April 1st. The biggest event of the year.

Well that was fun! That was just my daily insane person laugh. Nothing bad will happen! Sure it won't! Yeah, we'll go with that! Anyway, I have to go. Goodness that was a long post! I will explain the background on Saturday or Sunday. Bye!


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    1. Sorry I was being such a jerk about the Jamaa Journal. Again, I didn't get much sleep last night...

      hope you liked the post anyway :)


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