Friday, March 27, 2015

Lucky Clovers Adventure and some sad news... :'(

Hey everyone. My other guinea pig, Rosie died on Wednesday. A piece of my heart was just...broken. I grew up with them, and it is just awful knowing neither of them are here anymore.  It's such a shock to me, especially for Rosie because it was really sudden... 2 weeks ago she was fine. The cage over in my room isn't empty though, I have Tootsie who is also adorable :) Anyway, I have a new channel video! It is a tour of the April Fool's Party (from 2014) I'm sorry it's kind of boring and doesn't have any music, I had school and I'm still sad about I'll add some to it tomorrow. Here it is:

Hope it was useful, since you can't actually go to that yet :) So there aren't any new items today, except this returning one. What the heck is going on with AJ? We haven't had new items since Pi Day! Well, anyway here's the Koi Pond:
Instead I'm going to do a breakdown of the Lucky Clovers adventure. Oh, also I got 17 prizes for it and I'll show you those in a moment.

So it starts in a festive field of hoorayness with Patrick the koala that's obsessed with green.
Yay! It looks great to begin with! And that humongois treasure chest-y lookin' thing is the Epic Treasure Chest that can only be opened with the Epic Key. And ya know how to get that? With 50 darn keys. ARRRRRRGH. I do have one question though. How in the world of Saint Pancake did Patrick move that treasure chest?! It's four times the size of him, and he doesn't look like the strongest sock in the bag. Anyway, let's just get in and play. So here are the Clover Keys you have to get:
They're so cute! But they blend into the other clovers really well. (thank Mira for the paw prints appearing above them) Also, are all the people in this adventure just small? That tiny clover is as big as my head!
And here are the mini treasure chests. As I said before, there are 50 of them. Why 50? Why 50, AJHQ?!!? Why not some smaller number, like 15? It took me 3 hours to get down to 4 (including the Epic Chest) and then the Adobe flash player crashed :'(
So I did not get to open the Epic Treasure Chest. The other 3 were these group keys:
No, you can't walk up that rainbow (though that would be awesome), but you have to get 3 other people to dance on clover spaces. And those 3 other people are extremely uncooperative. I had 2 other people on there and we were all yelling for people to come and of course, no one did. 
There are also other chests that have 2 prizes in them, 1 for members and 1 for nonmembers. But seriously guys, the member prizes aren't that good, so you're not missing much nonmembers. But anyway, in the end I had 38 PRIZES. 38 OF THEM. That's 3 1/2 pages on the den editor! Not all of them were different (I got a heck of a lot of Celtic Windows) but that's still a lot! Here they are in the den editor:

Here they are all on top of each other:
Haha! It looks like someone took the Secret Garden and just walloped it with
clovers. Look at all the shadows! That Lucky Horseshoe is the only thing not green. HORSESHOE! Get it right! This is Saint Patty's Day, not Saint..Yellow's Day! Well, that's it for today. Have a nice life! I'll see ya whenever I post again.

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