Friday, March 6, 2015

Pi Updates+Emotes

Hey Jammers! So today's Thursday not really, and you know what that means! A new update! *yaaay applause* Maybe this time they'll actually have some new stuff.
A new seasonal adventure! WOOP WOOP WE ALREADY HAD TONS OF THESE AJHQ THIS IS GETTING OLD!!! Seriously though... Bitter Sweets, Jamaaliday Rescue, Special Delivery... and now Lucky Clovers. I hope they don't repeat  this next year.
Oh my gosh! An ad for the Daily Explorer! How exciting! Also there's new art items to UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY! YAYZ! :D
Ooo, here's something interesting! (Sorry, but the rest of the JJ this week really isn't selling it for me.) IT'S GONNA BE SOOPER PI DAY!!! HOORAY!! And at 9:26 and 53 seconds, it'll be SOOPER AMAZING PI CRUST DAY!! I'm such a nerd :3 It's cool that AJ is doing a thing about that though. They didn't do that before, even on Double Pi Day (3/14/14 okay that's not really a thing I just made it up be quiet.) Comment: How many digits of pi can YOU recite? Wow. Wow, that actually seemed professional for once! Unlike it normally is.. :) Okay, onto the next bit.
Oh cool! Guys, remember that. On Sunday you can get a membership for half price. For the next 6 months!! (That's until September 8th :D) You can also get it sometime else, just before the 21st. In case anyone's wondering, no I'm not doing a membership giveaway, at least anytime soon. I did a contest for Find Peck 1 and a half years ago, and I might do something like that for AJP's 2nd birthday in May. But we'll see. Next page!
Yep, we all know it's Lucky Day. And we all guessed lions were coming back. Nothing really new there. Eh, still good to know. Okay! Now it's time for EMOTICON FRIDAY!!

1. :U  or :V Talking out of the side of the mouth
2. °x° OOPS
3. |o| Drowning (it is NOT lol) 
4. :F Broken tooth
5. "°_°" Super worried/blush

So dere you go! Hope you liked the post. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Super Pi Day only happens once every 100 years. So this Super Pi Day will probably be the only Super Pi Day I will ever see for the rest of my life. And one more thing... LUCKY POTATO!

    1. Yup! Me too, unless I live to be 112 which is very unlikely :P

  2. Hi Neros this is N2thetalkingcat2 and about Emotion Friday on the broken tooth one, i just thought about my guinea pig that had a broken tooth and couldn't eat anymore and died :'(

    1. Oh no!!! I'm so so sorry. I know how you feel. My guinea pig that I had had for 6 years died in October :'( It's a terrible thing to have a pet die, and I'm really sorry for your loss ;_; *gives sympathy cookie*



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