Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rainbows and Overflow and Stuffs

 *THIS POST WAS MEANT FOR YESTERDAY! I didnt get around to posting it. So yay it's Friday the13th.*
 Hey guyssss!!! Welcome to another post. Today-ish's item is the Painted Rainbow!
I wanted to post about it because it stood out to me. It's cool!! Now you can have a sloppy rainbow on your den wall! But when you click on it, I found out that you can CHANGE ITS COLORS. What other colors?? Rainbows are a specific number of colors!! Well, according to AJ, these colors:QASJS
Rainbows are not green!!!! AJ, I think you need to go back to preschool and figure out your colors. It's like "FIDDLETY TEE MCPATRICK! LET'S GO OVER TO THAT GREEN RAINBOW AND PICK UP THEE POTOGOLD! HOO HOO HEE!" Okay, that's not what leprechauns sound like shut your mouth. Here are some other items:
Apparently they have 2 of the same item! And that totally wasn't me screenshotting it twice! Anyway. Now I want to talk about Overflow:
Levels like this! (Sorry I took the screenshot after it showed the win screen.) They're awesome because you can use all the blocks or whatever they are and it makes me so hapyyy!!! (That was my OCD there, pay no mind) AND because it gets you 48 gems!
And it gets you 66 gems!
Now THIS one is kinda confusing at first, but it's fun to trace your eyes through. I love this level!!
This one is so cute! It's 3 little circles all in a row! #3BRIDGESYEAH!!
This is how many gems I ended up getting. WOOOO!!! (I did play it for 20 minutes though.) My brother once played it for an hour and got 2048 gems which is like HOW because the levels do get harder as you go along. But yeah! 68 gems in 1 level! I think that's good enough!

Hmm. That was a strange segment. But it's Friday! ANDYOUKNOWWHATTIMEITIS!!!


3. °W° Cute/Evil Monster
4. °0° "Oh no I  forgot to buy pie at that Kmart" face"
5. ◌̂o◌̂ Oh no I left my keys in that Kmart" face

There you go. You need to remeber things better at that Kmart. Well, I think I'm gonna stop there. Hope ya liked the post and the emotes! See ya later!

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