Monday, April 27, 2015

Crazy Party Hat Beggars and a miscolored helmet

Hey guys! So today, we have an all-new item which gives hope that maybe new items are coming back ^_^ Okay, maybe I worded that a bit weirdly. New items are coming back? Eh, you know what I mean. They're starting to have new items again, there we go! I knew it was somewhere! Anyway, the item in question is the Butterfly Hair Bow.
It's so pretty! Y'all boys are missin' out! XD I'm just kidding of course. I really like the main color of this one! If you haven't guessed by now, light blue is my favorite color and it goes really nicely with the darker blue here! Is that the only new item? Oh right! I forgot! It's Monday, isn't it? Let's take a look at Jam Mart Clothing.
Hmm, while I was perusing the pages I noticed this... AJ, you forgot to take out all the Halloween stuff! Although if you change its colors it doesn't look very Halloweeny anymore. So never mind!
WHEN DID THESE COME OUT?! I have no memory of ever seeing these! Did these just come out recently? I've been playing Animal Jam since the beta days, but I don't remember them.
*checks random AJ blog*
They came out in August. Weird.
the ladybug hat is adorable ^w^
Clearing out the winter items, that makes sense. Goodbye snowman hat, we will miss you. See you in December or so!
TENNIS SHOES?? RAM HORNS?! I need to check this store more often!
Okay, finally! The RIM! And yes, I am just now realizing that it was on the second page. And it's... a football helmet.
*clap*   *clap* Way to go, AJHQ. Reeally exciting. Well anyway! That was a little adventure through Jam Mart Clothing! Now we're going to go out of the store and into the messages because iiiiit's....
Okay, this one is going to be focused on buddy requests, gifts and "what for party hat" messages! The good and the bad! Speaking of, I literally just got one like 10 seconds ago as I was typing this post.
And so the saga begins. I know I've told you this before, but SOOOOO many people have asked me this over the years, it's ridiculous. Here are some more!

And those are just the ones I haven't deleted. There are other ones from other episodes of Mailtime, too. *cries in corner* NO! IT'S MINE! I GOT IT IN JANUARY 2012! (it's true though, it was an MMG.) GO AWAY! *throws a shark*
Ooh! A gift from N2thetalkingcat2! Thank you so much!! Let's see what it is...
Yaaay! A Zios Mask!! Now I can frighten ducks!
And then the duck is just like
Darn. Okay, next Jam-a-Grams!
SOMANYBUDDYREQUESTSSS I'm so sorry to all the people that try to buddy me! (Yeah, I also really ned to update my Be My Buddy page :P) I promise, there will be a day where I just delete all my old buddies and accept all the new ones. I really wish Animal Jam didn't have a buddy limit! I really do want to be friends with all of you, but there's just too many... :( And it's getting harder to delete them because all of them are active accounts (that aren't the gray tiger silhouette.) I like the username of the big picture up above :D Walking in a cupcake wonderland! Also, if you look closely there's a spinny wheel of death behind the bunny. (Lelani and some numbers.) Okay, well I'm going to leave this episode of Mailtime (and this post) here, I really hope you enjoyed it! Those party hat beggars. YOU'LL NEVER SUCCEED! IT'S MINE! Anyway, that's all for today, see you tomorrow!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Blueberry Bracelet?

Hey Jammers! HAPPY FRIDAY!! The new item is the Pearl Bracelet.
Those are some big pearls... that would cut off your circulation if you wore that! Also I'm not sure if these are real pearls... ever heard of blue pearls? I haven't.
Hmm.Maybe AJHQ thinks they're blueberries.That has a nice ring to it, Blueberry Bracelet! That would be a good item. But it would get all messy and the blueberries would drip juice all over...but you can always eat the bracelet! Also, IT'S TREE DAY! Or, to be more specific, Arbor Day. I didn't even know it was a thing until a few years ago. So plant a tree everybody! By the way, who thought of having Earth Day and a day celebrating trees 2 days apart from each other?? That's strange... Anyway, I'm sorry this post is so short. It's like my posts from 2013, when I was more interested in quantity than quality. There's just not a lot of new things on Animal Jam lately... But it is Friday! And you know what that means!!

1. 9.9 Looking up after crying or an expectant person
2. '_' Not particularly interesting in anything at the moment
3. ^~^ "Yay! I think.."
4. @.@ Woried about things
5. V.V Sleeping

And that does it for this post! I hope you liked the emoticons (they're emoticons because they're not drawn, unlike emojis) and the item. It would be more interesting if it was a blueberry bracelet, in my opinion! Do you have an item you want AJ to make? Let me know, because I love hearing your opinions! ^_^ Anyway, I'm going to go. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day and 250th post!!

Hey Jammers! I am posting 3 times in a row for the first time IN FOREVER a long time. I'll get back to you on that. But yeah, I'm posting today because it's the 250th post and it coincides with Earth Day! Speaking of, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!
Yup I animated that myself :D Derpy Earth. Anyway, I really like Earth Day because it's a great way for people to be reminded to take care of the earth and do something important! Google did something kinda cool for it. They made a quiz that tells you what animal you are. I'm apparently a giant squid!
Rar, I shall entangle you with my tentacles! The quiz is quite fun, you can go here to take it! For fun I also did the opposite of me, and I got a honey badger :P Okay, here's the new item in AJ!
They're returning- AGAIN. Jeez, when is Animal Jam going to figure something out and release some new items?? These were part of a sports series they started in 2013, it goes with the Football Helmet and Jersey. I'm surprised they're not selling the Earth Day Banners like they did last year, the year before, and I think the year before that too. Well then that's good that I bought so many last year! Yeah I went a little crazy on buying them and may have bought 19 banners. But now I'm down to 2:
:D Those items, like so many others in Animal Jam, are programmed weirdly so it's like DO YOU EVEN PHYSICS????
Wait... the banner is on the wall! And the chair is in front of the wall! So how is the banner in front of the chair?? And also there's just that one flying seal that is sitting in the wall XD Animal Jam makes no sense. Anyway, what did you do for Earth Day? My class went on a walking field trip to a park but it's really far away so we had to walk 2.6 miles :I Oh, and also in Gym we had to run half a mile. So I've gotten quite enough exercise for today, thank you very much! Did you do something cool for Earth Day? Let me know in the comments, I'll be glad to hear it! Also, as I told you in the beginning of the post, this is the 250th of them! Well, 251st. It doesn't matter.

And yes, I know that that's just the New Year's card but badly photo edited XD Well, we're a quarter of the way to 1,000! I wonder if this blog will ever get there. Hmm :P I hope so! Well, that's all for today!! I hope you had a great Earth Day. See you later!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A little update (minipost)

Hey everyone! So, I'm not going to be posting about Animal Jam today, but this is a minipost to inform you of something. If you've been on this blog a while now, you'd know that for holidays and special occasions I create a background with the original potato and then an illustration that has to do with the event. And Earth Day is tomorrow!! If you know that Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays, you might be wondering "What the heck, why is there nothing celebrating this holiday on here!" Well I would like you to know that I HAVE an Earth Day background. It looks like this:
See? It's a little tree for Earth Day and also for Arbor Day on Friday!! :D I hope you like it. But I can't add it to the blog background because BLOGGER SCREWED UP. Apparently now for all blogs in Blogger you can't change the background without it freezing up and not able to do anything. *sigh* I hope they get it fixed soon. Just know that that is the background that's supposed to be there! Anyway, I do feel a little guilty that this is the 250TH POST and it's not even a full one. So here was yesterday's RIM, the Rare Fancy Shoes:
Look at those flipper dipper jelly skipper shoes! They look like a new vehicle in Turbo Dismount. Like a crazy green roller coaster!! That would be THE BEST. My favorite character is Turkey Bird.
Weelll there I go again, fangirling about Jacksepticeye... sorry, but his videos are amazing!! And hilarious! Okay, I'm going to leave this minipost here, I will hopefully get the background up tomorrow. Also I'm going to do something AWESOME for Earth Day tomorrow!! It's gonna be epic. See ya then!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Detective Hat, Geckos, and some Blog Updates!

 UPDATE: This post was meant for Saturday, but I was throwing up yesterday so I didn't have time to post it... so no RIM :|
Hey Jammers! Today we're starting off the post with a video.
I love that song way more than I should. The annoying bit is that it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day... Fun fact: It was actually the first song Animal Jam made, and the third video they uploaded to their YouTube channel! Even my gecko likes it:
Okay! So correct me if I'm wrong, but today's new item is actually NEW! It's the Investigator's Hat which looks like a detective hat to me so that's what I'm going to call it.
It is the plaidiest plaid that ever plaid-ed. But it's cool! I wouldn't wear it myself, but it looks like something the old Sherlock would wear. (Although Benedict Cumberbatch would look awesome in it too!)  It has some colors that I don't thinkwork well for an investigator hat...
Gif taken from Animal Jam Spirit
I mean, bright green plaid?! Anyway. For our update today, I changed the blog layout a little bit! The "My favorite blogs" section was a little outdated. Almost all the blogs have ceased to post anymore. This is wen they went inactive:
Animal Jam Active- December 2014
Animal Jam Cruise Ship- February 2015
EPIC!!!!!- December 2013
Jamaa Town School Blog- August 2013
The Animal Jam Warrior- January 2014
The Animal Jam Ninja- August 2013

Yeah. So I took down a lot of them, and now there's just 3. You can find a complete list of them (with links) here! If you have a blog/website, PLEASE TELL ME so I can review it and add it to the list! Also there's a minor update to the Epic Den of the Month. I now have it all through May 2015, and I have some more as soon as I can screenshot their dens. So again, if you want your den to be on Epic Den of the Month, comment it please! Anyway. Now for a bigger update. So, I have a lot of gems as you've probably noticed, but I also have a lot of diamonds.
And that's not just because I'm a member, I've literally been saving these up since August because there's just nothing that I want to buy. I did buy my gecko for 3 gems a few days ago, but that's about it. So I'm changing my Buy-one-get-one system to diamonds, too!! So if you go there, you can ask me to buy a gem OR DIAMOND item and I will! Okay, now for a section I call Game Spotlight. The last one was on Overflow. Today's game is Swoopy Eagle!
So this is a typical rage game. Everyone knows it's based off of Flappy Bird, but I think AJ made it even HARDER. First, in Flappy Bird you can go over the top of the game without dying (unless you hit a pipe) but in here you die if you hit the ceiling, too.
Also, the mechanics are just...weird. I mean, the eagle goes way higher with every click than it does in the original game. It also is a bigger sprite, and even if your WINGS touch the catuses, you die. In Flappy Bird, it's just a big ball shaped thingy with nothing sticking out. With lips.
Another thing: it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good score on this! I've played it several different times and still my highscore is 11! And it's not that I'm really bad at Flappy Bird, my highscore is 76 in the original (here's proof.) But even though it's not my favorite AJ game, it's still fun to play c: I hope they update it where you can play as your own eagle if you have one, that would be so awesome! Anyway, I think I'm going to leave this post here. Have a great day, and I will see you when I post again!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hi Jammers! I have 50 minutes to post this, so it will hopefully be a bit longer :D Today is Thursday and Thursday means oopdaties! Or, in English, updates. And today's are HUGE. You can tell just by looking at the the loading screen!
I think this year's summer loading screen is in full swing! They've been changing them a lot lately. The very first one looked like this:
Credit to The Animal Jam Central
And then they changed it to another one with elephants having tea parties in a forest and all that crazyness and THEN! Then, in October 2012, they changed it for like 2 years! It looked like this:
Credit to MEH FROM 2013
And then after so long, they made the first summer loading screen in June 2014. Followed by a winter one, and now this! Also at some point there was this:
Credit to Animal Jam Active
Suyeah they switch them around a lot. Anyway! We haven't even gotten to the Jamaa Journal which is really exciting! So here's page one.
Look at that! Geckos! YAAAY!! GE-CKOS GECKOS GECKOS GE-CKOS GECKOS GECKOS I'LL STOP SOMEDAY GECKOS I'm done. But seriously, yeah, I was right! What did I say? Lizards?
Yap. Anyway, I got a gecko!! His name is Flutterbunny.
He's so cuteee! <3 Speaking of, there's a lot of pets that I haven't gotten! There's a pet rhino and a pet panda??? I've probably posted about them. Neros, remember things more! Okay, second page.
Ooh, a new-ish animal! Yeah, that's been a "glitch" for a lot of Jammers I've seen lately, when you try to buy a tiger. I knew they were going somewhere with that! I might buy one, but probably not... it's just a rabbit with flowers on it. Nextpage!
Ay, things we already know... the Cruise Ship party has sort of replaced the Heatwave party (remember that?) as Jamaa's typical summer celebration. When it first started, I'm pretty sure it was year-round! But don't quote me on that. Also polar bears have left... goodbye! See you in 3 months or so! Okay, onto the fourth page.
Cool! But we already know that! I'm hopefully going to do something for Earth Day next Wednesday. If I don't, I'll at least put up a background honoring the holiday. Also there's more questions in Best Guess! Nice! Now we can test our knowledge with different things. Okay, last page....
GASP /\°O°/\ A new land?? That would be so cool!! Makes sense that we would get a new land every 2 years. In 2011 it was Appondale and in 2013 it was Kimbara Outback. I wonder where the land will be on the map? There's the obvious ones that people have been talking about for years:
Darn icons! Why are you always in the way of the map?! But then there's also some water lands that this MIGHT be. It looks a bit like Crystal Sands or the Cruise Ship Party, but that might be the view from land. There is the same amount of unused water lands and land...lands so they both have a pretty equal chance...
Which one do you think it will be? I'm really excited!! But it might not be a new land. If it's a party or something I will be so disappointed (and probably say some choice words at AJHQ). Keep your hopes up!! Let's hope it's a water land. Or at least I hope that. We haven't had a water land in a while, and I think that would be cool... anyway. Leave a comment about your predictions, if you have any! But for now, I'm going to leave this post here. Hope you enjoyed it!! Adios!

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?