Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A little update (minipost)

Hey everyone! So, I'm not going to be posting about Animal Jam today, but this is a minipost to inform you of something. If you've been on this blog a while now, you'd know that for holidays and special occasions I create a background with the original potato and then an illustration that has to do with the event. And Earth Day is tomorrow!! If you know that Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays, you might be wondering "What the heck, why is there nothing celebrating this holiday on here!" Well I would like you to know that I HAVE an Earth Day background. It looks like this:
See? It's a little tree for Earth Day and also for Arbor Day on Friday!! :D I hope you like it. But I can't add it to the blog background because BLOGGER SCREWED UP. Apparently now for all blogs in Blogger you can't change the background without it freezing up and not able to do anything. *sigh* I hope they get it fixed soon. Just know that that is the background that's supposed to be there! Anyway, I do feel a little guilty that this is the 250TH POST and it's not even a full one. So here was yesterday's RIM, the Rare Fancy Shoes:
Look at those flipper dipper jelly skipper shoes! They look like a new vehicle in Turbo Dismount. Like a crazy green roller coaster!! That would be THE BEST. My favorite character is Turkey Bird.
Weelll there I go again, fangirling about Jacksepticeye... sorry, but his videos are amazing!! And hilarious! Okay, I'm going to leave this minipost here, I will hopefully get the background up tomorrow. Also I'm going to do something AWESOME for Earth Day tomorrow!! It's gonna be epic. See ya then!

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