Monday, April 27, 2015

Crazy Party Hat Beggars and a miscolored helmet

Hey guys! So today, we have an all-new item which gives hope that maybe new items are coming back ^_^ Okay, maybe I worded that a bit weirdly. New items are coming back? Eh, you know what I mean. They're starting to have new items again, there we go! I knew it was somewhere! Anyway, the item in question is the Butterfly Hair Bow.
It's so pretty! Y'all boys are missin' out! XD I'm just kidding of course. I really like the main color of this one! If you haven't guessed by now, light blue is my favorite color and it goes really nicely with the darker blue here! Is that the only new item? Oh right! I forgot! It's Monday, isn't it? Let's take a look at Jam Mart Clothing.
Hmm, while I was perusing the pages I noticed this... AJ, you forgot to take out all the Halloween stuff! Although if you change its colors it doesn't look very Halloweeny anymore. So never mind!
WHEN DID THESE COME OUT?! I have no memory of ever seeing these! Did these just come out recently? I've been playing Animal Jam since the beta days, but I don't remember them.
*checks random AJ blog*
They came out in August. Weird.
the ladybug hat is adorable ^w^
Clearing out the winter items, that makes sense. Goodbye snowman hat, we will miss you. See you in December or so!
TENNIS SHOES?? RAM HORNS?! I need to check this store more often!
Okay, finally! The RIM! And yes, I am just now realizing that it was on the second page. And it's... a football helmet.
*clap*   *clap* Way to go, AJHQ. Reeally exciting. Well anyway! That was a little adventure through Jam Mart Clothing! Now we're going to go out of the store and into the messages because iiiiit's....
Okay, this one is going to be focused on buddy requests, gifts and "what for party hat" messages! The good and the bad! Speaking of, I literally just got one like 10 seconds ago as I was typing this post.
And so the saga begins. I know I've told you this before, but SOOOOO many people have asked me this over the years, it's ridiculous. Here are some more!

And those are just the ones I haven't deleted. There are other ones from other episodes of Mailtime, too. *cries in corner* NO! IT'S MINE! I GOT IT IN JANUARY 2012! (it's true though, it was an MMG.) GO AWAY! *throws a shark*
Ooh! A gift from N2thetalkingcat2! Thank you so much!! Let's see what it is...
Yaaay! A Zios Mask!! Now I can frighten ducks!
And then the duck is just like
Darn. Okay, next Jam-a-Grams!
SOMANYBUDDYREQUESTSSS I'm so sorry to all the people that try to buddy me! (Yeah, I also really ned to update my Be My Buddy page :P) I promise, there will be a day where I just delete all my old buddies and accept all the new ones. I really wish Animal Jam didn't have a buddy limit! I really do want to be friends with all of you, but there's just too many... :( And it's getting harder to delete them because all of them are active accounts (that aren't the gray tiger silhouette.) I like the username of the big picture up above :D Walking in a cupcake wonderland! Also, if you look closely there's a spinny wheel of death behind the bunny. (Lelani and some numbers.) Okay, well I'm going to leave this episode of Mailtime (and this post) here, I really hope you enjoyed it! Those party hat beggars. YOU'LL NEVER SUCCEED! IT'S MINE! Anyway, that's all for today, see you tomorrow!!

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