Monday, April 20, 2015

Detective Hat, Geckos, and some Blog Updates!

 UPDATE: This post was meant for Saturday, but I was throwing up yesterday so I didn't have time to post it... so no RIM :|
Hey Jammers! Today we're starting off the post with a video.
I love that song way more than I should. The annoying bit is that it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day... Fun fact: It was actually the first song Animal Jam made, and the third video they uploaded to their YouTube channel! Even my gecko likes it:
Okay! So correct me if I'm wrong, but today's new item is actually NEW! It's the Investigator's Hat which looks like a detective hat to me so that's what I'm going to call it.
It is the plaidiest plaid that ever plaid-ed. But it's cool! I wouldn't wear it myself, but it looks like something the old Sherlock would wear. (Although Benedict Cumberbatch would look awesome in it too!)  It has some colors that I don't thinkwork well for an investigator hat...
Gif taken from Animal Jam Spirit
I mean, bright green plaid?! Anyway. For our update today, I changed the blog layout a little bit! The "My favorite blogs" section was a little outdated. Almost all the blogs have ceased to post anymore. This is wen they went inactive:
Animal Jam Active- December 2014
Animal Jam Cruise Ship- February 2015
EPIC!!!!!- December 2013
Jamaa Town School Blog- August 2013
The Animal Jam Warrior- January 2014
The Animal Jam Ninja- August 2013

Yeah. So I took down a lot of them, and now there's just 3. You can find a complete list of them (with links) here! If you have a blog/website, PLEASE TELL ME so I can review it and add it to the list! Also there's a minor update to the Epic Den of the Month. I now have it all through May 2015, and I have some more as soon as I can screenshot their dens. So again, if you want your den to be on Epic Den of the Month, comment it please! Anyway. Now for a bigger update. So, I have a lot of gems as you've probably noticed, but I also have a lot of diamonds.
And that's not just because I'm a member, I've literally been saving these up since August because there's just nothing that I want to buy. I did buy my gecko for 3 gems a few days ago, but that's about it. So I'm changing my Buy-one-get-one system to diamonds, too!! So if you go there, you can ask me to buy a gem OR DIAMOND item and I will! Okay, now for a section I call Game Spotlight. The last one was on Overflow. Today's game is Swoopy Eagle!
So this is a typical rage game. Everyone knows it's based off of Flappy Bird, but I think AJ made it even HARDER. First, in Flappy Bird you can go over the top of the game without dying (unless you hit a pipe) but in here you die if you hit the ceiling, too.
Also, the mechanics are just...weird. I mean, the eagle goes way higher with every click than it does in the original game. It also is a bigger sprite, and even if your WINGS touch the catuses, you die. In Flappy Bird, it's just a big ball shaped thingy with nothing sticking out. With lips.
Another thing: it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good score on this! I've played it several different times and still my highscore is 11! And it's not that I'm really bad at Flappy Bird, my highscore is 76 in the original (here's proof.) But even though it's not my favorite AJ game, it's still fun to play c: I hope they update it where you can play as your own eagle if you have one, that would be so awesome! Anyway, I think I'm going to leave this post here. Have a great day, and I will see you when I post again!

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  1. Geckos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I stink at Flappy Bird so much, haha. X3


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