Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day and 250th post!!

Hey Jammers! I am posting 3 times in a row for the first time IN FOREVER a long time. I'll get back to you on that. But yeah, I'm posting today because it's the 250th post and it coincides with Earth Day! Speaking of, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!
Yup I animated that myself :D Derpy Earth. Anyway, I really like Earth Day because it's a great way for people to be reminded to take care of the earth and do something important! Google did something kinda cool for it. They made a quiz that tells you what animal you are. I'm apparently a giant squid!
Rar, I shall entangle you with my tentacles! The quiz is quite fun, you can go here to take it! For fun I also did the opposite of me, and I got a honey badger :P Okay, here's the new item in AJ!
They're returning- AGAIN. Jeez, when is Animal Jam going to figure something out and release some new items?? These were part of a sports series they started in 2013, it goes with the Football Helmet and Jersey. I'm surprised they're not selling the Earth Day Banners like they did last year, the year before, and I think the year before that too. Well then that's good that I bought so many last year! Yeah I went a little crazy on buying them and may have bought 19 banners. But now I'm down to 2:
:D Those items, like so many others in Animal Jam, are programmed weirdly so it's like DO YOU EVEN PHYSICS????
Wait... the banner is on the wall! And the chair is in front of the wall! So how is the banner in front of the chair?? And also there's just that one flying seal that is sitting in the wall XD Animal Jam makes no sense. Anyway, what did you do for Earth Day? My class went on a walking field trip to a park but it's really far away so we had to walk 2.6 miles :I Oh, and also in Gym we had to run half a mile. So I've gotten quite enough exercise for today, thank you very much! Did you do something cool for Earth Day? Let me know in the comments, I'll be glad to hear it! Also, as I told you in the beginning of the post, this is the 250th of them! Well, 251st. It doesn't matter.

And yes, I know that that's just the New Year's card but badly photo edited XD Well, we're a quarter of the way to 1,000! I wonder if this blog will ever get there. Hmm :P I hope so! Well, that's all for today!! I hope you had a great Earth Day. See you later!


  1. Cool animation and congrats on 250 posts! :D
    Haha, I also got giant squid on that thing. And I also noticed how some AN items decorated in dens technically don't make any sense/defy logic. :3

    1. Thanks so much ^.^ Yeah, a lot of my friends also got the giant squid! The items that defy physics don't make much sense, but they are fun :D


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