Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Returning Items....sigh

Hey Jammers! Is you is or is you ain't all right? Cause that's how we English! Today's new item is returning...again. It's the Phantom Shirt and it was sold previously in 2013. So I already have a picture of it!
Trust me, it looks exactly the same, and for the same price. I call it efficiency! Okay, so we have a new problemo on our hands. Well, it's not exactly a problem but it came out a while ago and I forgot to post about it 8P It's the Treetop Gardens, the plant shop in Sarepia Forest! It's been updating over the past couple of months and I have NOT been checking it. So here are the most recent items:
The screenshot was taken on the 2nd, and even then they weren't new. So that kind of goes to show you how bad I am at checking the shops.. I'll try to get better at it. They are the Sweet Peas and a Sweet Pea Blossom! They're so pretty! Although they aren't peas. AJ, you need to learn what a pea is! It is a crunchy green vegetable! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: maybe the people at WildWorks/AJHQ are losing their minds.

Oh. Never mind, I looked it up. A sweet pea actually looks like this:
Okay, you're clear WildWorks! Ahehe. There are some other items in the Treetop Gardens, including a new one! But it looks like even Treetop Gardens is following the returning items trend...
Yes, we had that both in Jam Mart Furniture a long time ago (it also returned) AND in the little shop thing above the Chamber of Knowledge. This has been going on for far too long! There hasn't been any sort of new items since early March! It's not that hard to draw something on Photoshop and then work with animators to fit it for the animals! Maybe it has to do with Animal Jam not loading. When I logged on this morning it started loading for 15 minutes and then said this:
So I did, but it did the same thing, so I restarted the computer and then got the spinnies:
But no one really cares. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS And no, I'm not done with Treetop Gardens! They have some Lucky Day items still there that I think they might have forgot about. They're clearing 'em out in 3 days.
So get ya shamrocks before Lucky Day is officially gone! Man, it's been going on for a long time in Animal Jam. I think those are the last items. Okay, now I'm done about my returning item rant and it's time for our update!
So I'm going to be doing a Journey Book series on this blog (not as a page yet, maybe later) if you haven't found all those pesky critters. Today's is for our new(ish) land, Kimbara Outback! Look at all these guys.
Issa kookaburra! AWESOME! It lands on the roof of the Medical Center.
The others wouldn't stay together if I put a caption on them.... sorry about that. From left to right they are the Sugar Glider, Tiger Snake, Galah, Platypus, Frilled Lizard, Cassowary, Echidna, and Kookaburra! The ones I'm missing are the Blue Penguin, Trapdoor Spider and Lyrebird. (Sorry, AJ was updating and I didn't get the screenshots.) And the prize...
Is a windmill! Hope that was helpful to you guys. Have a great day!

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