Monday, April 6, 2015

Some Space Items and another Mailtime

Hey Jammers! So AJ kept its promise of releasing the space items...a lot of them. 2 pages, to be exact! Here they are:
Cool!! You could set up NASA in your den! That chair looking thing looks comfy! Also that door is COOL. You just press a button and it goes...
Apparently the door to my den is a portal into deep space. With plasma remnants. Or leaves... but I don't think they have those in a spaceship. I don't know. Yellow! Yellow substance. Anyway, moving on to the next page of items.
Ooh, Mars rovers!! (That was me geeking out there) I wonder if they have names. If not, I'm going to name them! The top one is Fingblaster and the bottom one is Teelee. They will be my friends! If I ever go to Mars. Which I will not. And OH MY GOODNESS THAT SPACE WINDOW IS PERFECT. IT NOT AN ITEM, IT ART. ME ENGLISH NO TALK. BLBJGVGHGGUFYTF. 
Well then! That was educational! Also, those moon footprints are awesome! Although they don't really work unless you have the Moon Craters floorpaper. That's a new word I made up! It's like wallpaper, but on the floor! Otherwise the footprints just look like a splat of cement with some footprints in them. The road workers are gonna be mad at the person who made those... Anyway! That blank item is the Zany Item, something they have every year for April Fool's Day. It is joined by the Wacky Item and Silly item, also blank.
Unfortunately all 3 are member as well as expensive, but you can get them every year (they don't change.) Here's what they look like in a den:
These are from 2013 but are still the same items
For one of them, an anvil comes down, for one of them a mushroom rocket shoots out of the ground, and for the last one a tractor beam takes some dirt, then puts it back. Okay, it's time for another...
So this time we have 5 different Jam-a-Grams from people. Here is the first!
Oh yay, a buddy request! :D Again, I have no buddy slots remaining but I will try to remove some soon to make room for new ones. Okay, next JAG!
And here we go with the begging for my New Year's Party Hat. I get so many of these, they are so annoying... give it up, people! I'm not trading my party hat! It's my signature item (because I like the way it looks, NOT because it's "rare") and I'm not going to give it away.
Oh goody, another one! You see what I mean about it being annoying? And also, for your information- I don't have a party has. You might be looking for someone else...
This one is from catdog347. Aw, thanks!! That's really nice of you! It's great people like you guys that make me forget about all the begging. My den is off to a fresh start and I'm in the process of redecorating, but thank you!
Not such a "friend" after all...
This last one's from sealyfriendgirlsomenumbersthatIdon'twanttoremember. No, that's not her username, but I just don't really see the point in remembering it when you're going to call me names... You realize there's a report button, right?

And so ends that Mailtime! I got some beggars, some hate, some compliments... it was a well-rounded episode, I think! Anyway, that's all I have time for so bye guys! See you next time I post.

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