Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Updates and World's Oldest Person

Hey everyone! How's it going? I missed y'all. I hope you liked the April Fool's Day celebration on my blog yesterday. It was kinda different, being as you could click around and go on an adventure and stuff! If you didn't see it, it's archived here. Anyway, it's update season and there's a new seasonal adventure!
Nooooo! 1 hundered?! Really?! That's twice the amount as there was in Lucky Clovers :L I played it though, it's actually pretty cool. And I played it for only 45 minutes and still got 96 eggs! :D Unfortunately I couldn't find any more and I just didn't feel like playing anymore so I logged off :| I might do a walkthrough of it later. Okay, next page!
Ooo! Space items!! Now you can have a Star Wars  or Star Trek den! (*sniff* Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy) Speaking of dens...
More on that tomorrow!! Hint: it's a den contest. Check Animal Jam Potato Contests for more details on that. Anyway, next page.
Ah, another animal that will depart and return 2 months from now. Tell me something new. But seriously, don't they do this a lot? The recent ones I recall are snow leopards and lions. Maybe they're just going through the Diamond Shop animals. Hmm. Well, you might want a polar bear (of course you don't need one, don't think I'm making you buy one) for the contest that starts tomorrow, just saying, but you absolutely don't have to. (I wish you could give diamonds in a gift... :(  ) Anyway, last page!
Ah, lizards. I wonder if they will be an animal or a pet. Animal Jam, you weren't very subltle with telling us the new animal... I mean, you put a frickin' lizard tail up there! And lizard paw prints! Ugh. Short JJ this time. Only 4 pages... Usually they're 6 or 7 pages. Well, they probably just ran out of stuff to say. Like me...nope! I got something!

So, I was searching around on the interwebs and an article popped up on Google+ talking about the "world's oldest person dies" and "Japan's oldest person passes away" and it's true... the former world's oldest person died yesterday. It's kind of sad to think that now there are only 4 people (all women) that were born in the 1800s and are still alive. So shoutout to Misao Okawa, who lived to the crazy age of 117 YEARS and only died yesterday. Amazing. I could probably never live to be that old. That's all I have on her.
So that's it for today's post! I liked the updates, did you? They weren't a lot different from updates past (seasonal adventure, animal leaves temporarily, a new set of den items comes in...same old) but they felt different. Oh by the way, hi people that clicked "Read more"! I'm gonna try jump breaks! Should I? Leave a comment if I should. Okay, I'm going to go now. BYE!!


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