Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things and Stuffs!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another post! Today's new returning item is the Sports Jersey, you can look at that here, moving on. We have no time to complain about old items that have come back like the last post, so let's get to more important things.

Oh okay, here's what it looks like, jeez....
I wonder if they'll return the Football Helmet too, because that's the direction it's going...
Anyway. So since there is nothing new in Animal Jam, I thought it would be a good time to do another episode of Mailtime!! But this one is different. I've been doing episodes looking at the newest Jam-a-Grams I get, but this one is going to be about the old ones! So it's time for....
Our first Jam-a-Gram comes from pink200330!
That's so cool! She's one of my best friends on AJ and this was the first Jam-a-Gram from her! Or at least I assume it was. AJ has been weird lately, since I have over 200 JAGs and it's been like NOPE YOU CAN'T HAVE THESE ANYMORE and deletes random messages without a warning. Strange. Maybe they will fix it and let people have infinite JAGs. Okay! Now onto our second old Jam-a-Gram.
Ah. So I didn't accept all the buddy requests. Well darn! And no, this person's name is not eternally "New Jammer", it is Jammer400885. What an original name! (Sorry, but they could have come up with something a little more clever... just saying.) Okay, next message!
This one's from my friend in real life, purpleworm15! She rarely goes on, and this is the first message from her that pops up. Oh yay! An unopened present! Let's see what it is c:
Oh, a Gi- WAIT. WAIT A SECOND! HOLD THE PHONE! HOLD THE FRONT DOOR! A GIANT TIGER PLUSHIE?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they stop selling those? Like a long time ago? That's so cool!! I have a not rare item that they stopped selling! THANKS MOLLY! (her real name) Alright, next message.
This one's from raina26. Thanks, Raina! You're cool too, for sending me a Jam-a-Gram and a gift! Let's see what this one is!
Awww it's so cute!! Thank you so much! :D I love panda plushies. I love all plushies in general, they're so adorable! :) Okay, last one of the old Jam-a-Grams.
This is the oldest Jam-a-Gram I've ever recieven. I think everyone knows who it's from :) I kid you not, this was the monthly member gift for JULY 2012. So it is pretty old. I also have MMGs from later months of 2012, and 2013. (Monthly member gifts were discontinued in 2013.) So I leave you with a holarious comic:
Odie.... get up. XD Okay, that's it for today Jammers! See you tomorrow!

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