Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Updated Space Items and Scamming??

Hey Jamaaspackatutionalexhibits! How's ya going? (Goodness they just keep getting weirder every time...) So a strange message from AJHQ popped up yesterday while I was checking my Jam-a-Grams and I was like AJ WHY U GIVE MEH MYSTERIES
So I did, and all it really did was the regular Play option, which is standing on your head.
Hmm. Thanks for telling me that, AJHQ! That was so helpful! Anyway, we have some new and updated items in the stores, the first being some pink baby chicks nesting in your hair:
Awww, they're so cute! I would like to have some chicks in my hair. No I wouldn't. That would be quite stressful actually, and it would get a lot of strange looks from people. But I would like this hat! :D For the next set of items, here are all the prizes I've collected so far from the Spring Festival adventure.

Again, wooo nellie they went a little crazy with the prizes. There are 20 and I haven't even gotten all of them! I think I told you about my struggles with that in a previous post. Speaking of earlier entries, I showed you guys the new space items, but I didn't show all the animations for them! And some of them are very breathtaking. Others are epic fail. Here's the first one:
So yeah! That Epic Spaceship Window has phantoms and meteors! I think that's a nice touch. Now we know for sure that the phantoms live in space too. That would have been useful back during the phantom invasion!

The next one is the Lunar Rover I named Fingblaster, in its final stage after you click all the different features of it.
You can turn the lights off, adjust the solar panels, and close the satellite dish. Also Fingblaster has a light on the driver's seat! Silly NASA. Don't they know that no one's driving the rover? (That's the whole point of the satellite dish....)
This one is the Landing Pod I named Teelee! It sprays blue fire and opens its door, which is really cool!! I hope it doesn't take off though. That could be a problem regarding the phantoms in space...

Okay, so now that I've gone over the items, it's time for our update! I think AJHQ is going a little bonkers. When I was chatting with my friend today I mentioned Owl City, and this popped up:
Um....WHAT?! Owl City is scamming? Suure, AJ, suure, yeah we'll go with that!  Owl City has absolutely nothing to do with AJ! And it's considered SCAMMING?? Who knows. Maybe AJHQ is losing their minds. But anyway, that's all for today! Thanks y'all for reading and I will see you next time!!
Comment: Do you have a normal message that gets flagged as innapropriate or scamming on Animal Jam? Let me know!


  1. AJ, why you no like Owl City? Are you against their music or something? Why, AJ, tell us whyyy!!!!! ;o;


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