Monday, May 18, 2015

An Abundance of Mechanical Items

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Hi guys! Sorry if the many jumping potatoes in the background are distracting you from the post. BUT IT'S AJP'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! Yeah, I know it's not that big of a deal, it's only a small blog, only the 2nd birthday blah blah blah.... But I'm kind of known for taking small things ad making them EXPLOSIVE. That means huge, not actually exploding... though some things do explode! Mostly on 4th of July. I am also known for getting really off topic, as you can see! So let's get back to the post. The Jamaa Journal for last week came out on Tuesday! TUESDAY?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THURSDAY?! COME ON, DON'T BE CHANGIN' EVERYTHING!! Random fact: Every other Thursday has been the day for the Jamaa Journal ever sice 2010, with only a few exceptions. SO WHY CHANGE IT NOW?! Anyway. Let's actually look at the Jamaa Journal instead of just yelling about it.
See, it says May 12th instead of May 14th... what's with the Tuesday AJHQ??
Ah! Cheetahs are back! Yay hooray I missed you so much! (I didn't even know they were gone XD) And, with the traditional AJ customs, right after they bring back an animal....
...They just get rid of another one. Goodbye otters! No one will know you're gone! Unless, of course, they try to create a new one during the time that you are gone. That will suck! But I already have an otter so it doesn't apply to me... I have a lot of the animals except for some of the diamond ones. It's not like I couldn't buy them! I have PLENTY of diamonds to spare...
:P I wish I could give away gems and diamonds. Because I have a quarter of a million gems on AJ too... it's mostly because I never spend them and I keep geting more. I just feel greedy!! I'm sorry all y'all out there who need currency! Anyway. Onto the rest of the Jamaa Journal. NHEXITPAOGE!!1!1!!
Ooo a new 2-player game!! Bowling, that sounds fun! ALthough I don't really get how it works. Here's how it looks:
Pretty cool! I like how there's a coconut for a ball. But the scoring is a bit weird, when I get 8 pins down, I get 8 points, but if I get 9 pins down I get 17 points.
Hmm. Weird. But anyway, onto the next page!!
Yaaay! The Summer Carnival!! This will be Animal Jam's 4th Summer Carnival in a row. It seems like it just started... I wonder if they'll add any new carnival games this time. That would be interesting instead of just the original 3 games from 2012. And a new exhibit about cheetahs!! They're my favorite animal so that's nice that they're making a virtual exhibit dedicated to them! Anyway, onto the last page.
WOAH!! A MECHANICAL PINK DRAGON!! I like this new series of items, they look amazing and they all transform when you click the big yellow button (all of them, including the Mechanical Couch)! Here is all of them so far, the newest being the Mechanical Wall Light. There's a lot of them!

That Mechanical Dragon Egg is my favorite!! For one, it's nonmember. And two, it does THIS!
It's so adorable!!! <3 It is my squishy and it shall be mine and it shall be my squishy.
I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WANT TO GIVE IT HUGS!! I love that movie. Did you know they're making a Finding Dory? I'm gonna go watch that when it comes out! But for now, I have to leave. Tomorrow AJP will be 2 and I will be happy :D Goodbye!!

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  1. do u play aj if u do can u plz buddy me i luv the music on ur blog lol


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