Saturday, May 30, 2015

Contest Winners, a shout-out to Cloudclaws, a minor blog update and a new llama!

Hey guys! It's finally Saturday :D Woohoo! So the first thing I want to tell you is that yep, someone found the secret image hidden around Jamaa. You know, of the new animal? People found it surprisingly fast too, some videos were posted an hour after AJHQ told everybody about it. And so I have a picture! Cloudclaws actually showed it on her blog first and that's where I found it, so credit goes to her. Her blog Animal Jam River is awesome, so click here to go to it! Now, the actual image! It's in Canyons Pathway (as it shows in the picture).
Oh cool, it's a llama! Remember back in March when there was a big deal about 1231? Well it turns out that WAS a hint to the next animal, and I think AJ was just testing it out and accidentally released it, because it doesn't look finalized.
Nice! I bet they'll be in the Diamond Shop (as usual) but I think I will buy one because they are amazing!! If Dan played Animal Jam, I bet he would like these. I wonder what they'll look like? Will they be anything like the Crossy Road llamas?
Dear goodness, I hope not! XD The colors are pretty on the unreleased one, but have you ever seen a turquoise and blue llama?! AJ usually sticks to the actual colors of the animals for their base colors (like when you buy a fox it's dark red/white, like foxes in real life) so I doubt those will be the base. Tan or brown would be a better guess. But who knows? I assume they'll be out on the 11th, the day of the next update. I'm so excited!! Anywho, you might remember I had a giveaway waaaay back (on the first day of 2014) and then reopened that earlier this month. And it ended yesterday! So I'm sorry if you didn't enter it in time. But anyway, I am finally announcing the results, after almost exactly a year and a half! So without further ado, the winners!
  1. Birthday cake- RonenTheGamer
  2. Worn- GeneralFluffy
  3. Bow and arrows- jrl4547
  4. Glove- Smart06703
 You can also click the picture below to read all about it.
So yeah! Congratulations, winners! Enjoy your gifts! That was a fun giveaway. All right, next up our uopdate today has to do with my spin today! I got the presents x3, which is pretty cool. Let's see what I got!
A Clover Blanket, nice, I already own that color but nice...
A Bunny Hat, not the most exciting item, and...
The Freedom Bunny Hat. Well, it's like two birds of a feather! Except more like two bunnies of a...tail. Hmm, it doesn't have the same ring to it. Oh yeah! By the way, I changed the blog header! It used to just be the regular font, but I changed it to Coming Soon, my favorite font (is it weird that I have a favorite font?). Do you like it? I do! Okay, I'm going to wrap up this post with the new items in the Summer Carnival!
Awesome!! With the silly Cotton Candy Hat you now can have 2 different desserts on your forehead! It goes along great with the Rare Cupcake Hat.  
Also the Carnival Lights look amazing. I love the way the artists animated the item, it looks authentic to a real carnival. That would go on the side of a ferris wheel or a drop zone ride. Or any ride, really. They're both really cool items! Okay, I'm going to leave this post here. I hope you enjoyed! I will open another contest soon, so keep an eye on my contest blog (link in the sidebar) for that. But until then, I will see you next time! Bye!

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