Monday, May 4, 2015


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oh my god i think i drowned
HELLO EVERYONE! Welcome to another post! So today is Monday and that means it's Rare Item Monday! Yay!! *eats popsicle* No really, I am eating a popsicle. It's grape flavored. it's delicious :3 So let's go to Jam Mart Clothing for the RIM! I hope it's not an old item that they cheaply recolored and smacked a "Rare" sign on.
Well, you crushed my dreams. And those aren't even that old! They came out a year ago! Remember I posted about them? No? Well here is that post if you want to check that out. It's very short. Aaaanyway, look what I found today!
DEAR GOODNESS WHAT IS GOING ON. I think that horse in the background is headless. "My Little Farmies"?! What the heck?? Is that some bad rendition of My Little Pony? This is what people come up with when they don't have anything to do. Okay, for our update, it's time for another Game Spotlight section! This is the first pet game I've done, it's Ssssnake!
This is a super fun game!! Although it is a little gross when you think about it. A snake eating live mice (they move around a little) and they sit in its belly and make it longer. But let's not think about that! I like the game mechanics. It's obviously a remake of Snake, but I actually like this version better. So first of all, I like the fact that it doesn't start moving until you're ready, because sometimes I'm distracted or something and I can't start right away.
Yes, my snake is called Purplesaurus :D She's awesome. Also, this version is different from some versions of Snake because you die if you hit the sides. Eh, some games have that and some don't. Also, something really fun to do in this game is make letters with your snake :D
I would add "1234" but this was already hard enough :P
Try writing your name! Random fact about Sssnake: The golden mice are worth 15 gems if you're wondering. 
And that does it for today's Game Spotlight! If you have a game you want me to talk about, feel free to tell me in the comments and I will feature it in an upcoming post! Today's comment question: What is your highscore in Sssnake? I'm curious to know! I think mine's 143. I don't know. Anyway, that does it for today's post! Remember to enter the new giveaway, I'm giving away rares! Click here to enter. Okay, bye now!

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