Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hello everyone! Counting down the days until school ends? It seems like the school year just started, now it's almost ending! It's been an interesting year for me, and now we can get ready for another summer!! But right now it is Tuesday, and we all know that I rarely post the Rare Item Monday on a Monday (rarely HAHAHAHA JOKES FOR DAYS) so let's call it RIT! Rare Item Tuesday!
I stole this picture from somewhere, I can't remember sorry...
The Rare Woven Shoes! Nice! I don't think that's already an item... is it? *checks Jam-Mart Clothing* Nope! But wait, it's warm so it might be in the Hot Cocoa Hut...hmmm... *checks there* Oh by the way, the Yeti Mask will be gone in 2 days... nope! Not there either! Can you believe it?! Animal Jam is actually releasing an original Rare Item Monday!!
YEAH!!! Eh, I didn't buy that though. I wonder if they'll make more? Well, let's move on to some other items! I think AJ is giving us a discreet message with their items, hmmm, I wonder what it could be...
Exploring items!! Yaay!! I like how everything else is brown/green and those binoculars are pink... Way to fit in with everyone else, binoculars! And there I go again with the talking to inanimate objects. Also, was this mentioned in the Jamaa Journal? Sometimes I just completely skip an issue because I'm procrastinating on reading them or something like that. I did that with the Bouncy Party, I posted it like it was such a new thing and then went back yesterday and found out that it was in the Jamaa Journal. Anyway! Speaking of the Jamaa Journal, I can't wait for the Summer Carnival!!! They talked about it in the JJ 2 weeks ago, and I think it will be released on Thursday!
I really hope so. The Summer Carnival is one of the best parts of Animal Jam, in my opinion! It's really fun and there are a ton of games to do and things to buy. Maybe they'll have a new carnival game! Let's hope so! National Geographic Kids posted this beautiful drawing of the fair in their June/July 2015 magazine.
sorry it's sideways :P Just tilt your head! :D
SO COOL. I wonder what that stage is about, are lions and bunnies going to randomly start performing on those boxes and bags in the front or something? Also that roller coaster looks promising! That would be AMAZING if we got to ride a roller coaster in Animal Jam!! Although that wouldn't be as exciting as in real life, of course. Do you like roller coasters? I like small ones, those are super fun, but the big ones scare me... :P Anyway, I will wrap up this post with a message from Animal Jam Headquarters!
Oh. Just an ad for ToT. Darn. It's fun but I don't play it that often. But anyway, that's it for this post!! See you later!

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