Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Neros Tries to Recolor an Item

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HELLO INTERNET! Apparently I am now Dan Howell!  Anyway, today is Monday Wednesday but I started this post on Monday so screw logic and that means Rare Item Monday! yey :D Let's hope that it isn't gonna be like last week's!
Man, I've gotta stop keeping my hopes up like that. Because then AJ just throws them down and crushes them! WITH THE FOOT OF DESPERATION!! Okay, enough drama. It is pretty disappointing though. I do like the colors! Also as a random fact, this item is right next to...
LAST WEEK'S RIM. Maybe they're just going through the items in a row and assigning someone to recolor them. I'VE GOT YOU FIGURED OUT AJHQ!! I want to try recoloring an item!
And this is why you don't employ Neros to design a children's game! Okay, so there are a lot of new items, especially in Jam-Mart Furniture! There are 3 besides the mechanical items, so let's look at those!
They are the Lily Pad, Fountain Sprinkler, and Bycicle. OOH!! OOO!! I KNOW SOMETHING!!! OMG!! YEAH!! (be quiet and let me have this moment.) That flower thing is in the Mushroom Hut!
Okay not exactly, but don't you see it?! They're so similar!! You see? You see? Yeah, that's Neros, just confirming to the world that she is a three year old girl. Oookay, moving on from that, something completely different and unrelated to Animal Jam! Yaay! So you know when you google a person, a little minibiography pops up from Wikipedia? You know those? Or like a movie or a band or a book? Well apparently they do medical scans too.
I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't realize this! Wow! Okay then! Also, I was looking up tennis elbow because it's from a song... and I wanted to know more about it... uhm... JUST LOOK UP SKY SAILING! I'm not crazy!
All right, well believe it or not but we actually have more AJ stuff to talk about! As much as I would like to discuss hidden Google things that I am unaware of or random songs, this is actually an Animal Jam blog! So here are the 2 new clothing items.
Ooo, spring flower hats! They go along nicely with the new Spring Bunny I think. Speaking of, my mom said she might buy me one of those for my birthday! Although my birthday's in August and they end in July. By the way, have you even seen a spring bunny around Jamaa? Cause I sure haven't. Maybe no one wants to because they're like NOPE I ALREADY HAVE A MEMBERSHIP NOPE NOT BUYING MORE STUFF FROM YOU and then run away. Or maybe I just haven't noticed them because I'm too busy ranting at you guys through a keyboard! That's probably it! Okay, for our last segment I wanted to announce something!
AJP'S 2ND BIRTHDAY IS IN 6 DAYS! That felt good to talk in big letters! Hopefully it won't mess up this text. I've had problems with that before. But yeah! I started this whole thing on May 19th, 2013 and it's really cool that I've been a blogger for that long!! I am really excited. Be sure to vote over there ------> to decide what I shall do for its celebration! Just as a disclaimer, I was going to do a voice reveal but my parents said no and plus I don't really want to... so there's the end of that! If you watched my YouTube channel in January there was a voice reveal but I took that down ages ago. I also wanted to remind you that I'm doing a rare giveaway and it ends in 2 weeks! So click here to enter now! I feel like one of those game show announcers. Aaand Bessie Sue, come down here to claim your prize! People are going to leave if they only read the bold text on this post. Well anyway, that was an adventure! But I have to go now and do my homework! So goodbye and I will see you sometime in the near future!


  1. Hey, you don't like swearing, don't you? But isn't "crap" a swear word?
    No offence.

    1. No, I don't consider "crap" a swear word and also, I made that comment form a reeeeally long time ago so it's not very relevant anymore. I guess I should update it. If you don't like me saying it, that's totally fine. Thanks for commenting! :D


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