Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Proper Etiquette while Eating a Cream Cheese Burrito

Hey Jammers! Sigh. There is a returning item, the Croquet Set. And we were doing so well! By the way, if you're ever just looking for gems, buy a lot of those (it's nonmember, too) and recycle them for a lot of gems. Eh, no matter. Let's go to Jamaa Township and mess around!!
Sorry, I took the screenshot kind of late. That person's saying "beta ring on trade". Well actually he's saying "beta ring om trade", but you know... So first of all I have never heard of any such "beta ring", but let's check this person's trade list anyway...
Yep. Just what I thought. I actually have a personal connection with this! So if you don't already know, my most popular post (it's been the most popular ever since it came out, which was a while ago) is Turquoise Ring, which I published on September 6th, 2013. In it, unbeknown to me at the time, it contains one of the only pictures of the "glitched ring" on the Internet. I noted that one of the colors looked like an eyeball or a mood ring, and I took a screenshot of it. Then, a few days later, AJ took that color down. And now Animal Jam Wiki likes to steal that picture for articles without giving me permission! Nice going, AJW! You can go to the original post here.
So anyway, how this relates to that idiot above (sorry but it's true) is because he is wrong in so many ways! 1. The ring is not beta. Beta ended in September 2010 and that ring came out in September 2013, 3 YEARS LATER. 2. It's not even the eyeball ring! You can buy that color today! Anyway. Sorry for that little rant. Okay, it is time for another...
The logo is summer themed now! Yay! ^.^ So here's our first Jam-a-Gram. Or, rather, series of Jam-a-Grams. N2thetalkingcat2 sent me a ton of gifts! Isn't that nice of her? <3

Thank you so much!! The gifts were a Rare Sombrero, a Spider Mask, a Royal Tiara, some Stegosaurus Armor, and a Phantom Hat! Awesome ^U^ Next Jam-a-Gram!
I.HOPE.A.TYRANNOSAURUS.EATS.YOUR.FACE!!! Like a burrito. With cream cheese! That wouldn't be very good. Although those people aren't very nice, so it makes sense. HmmOKAYNEXTJAMAGRAM!!
This is from Mollysswag. Aww, thanks!! That's really nice! It's people like you that make my blog happen. I'm just the one writing the posts, you guys are the ones reading and hopefully enjoying them! You guys are the best, I couldn't ask for a better fanbase. And I'm not saying that I'm super popular or anything. Naw. I don't even have 50,000 pageviews, and I don't want that! I just want to make content for you to read, and the fact that you read it is more than enough! It's so great that I can log on to the computer and type some words, and then people halfway across the globe and everywhere in between can read them! Anyway, enough with the sappy speech. Next Jam-a-Gram!
Hmm, let me think.. how about NOPE! Next Jam-a-Gram.
If you haven't watched this video YOU NEED TO. Go here to watch it! (minor swearing warning)
SELF DEFENSE MOVES! actually it was from another part in the video but I couldn't find a gif of that :I Okay, I'm going to leave this post here! I'll see you guys later, and remember, if you want to be on Mailtime, send me a JAG and I'll feature it on an upcoming episode! Byee!

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