Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shaman Bracelet and a new giveaway!!

  Click here to enter a rare giveaway!
Hey Jammified Jamtastic Jampaloopies! I don't know. Sorry I didn't post all week. I had an extremely busy schedule and my brother had 5 dance performances so it's been a really hectic week... Oh, by the way, does your school do History Day? It's basically a history project that fits into one of the 5 categories. I did a documentary on Nikola Tesla. But anyway, my project went past classroom History Day, and onto regionals! And then it went on to STATE! It didn't make it past that though. But it was still pretty awesome! Okay, enough about my weekend... here's the new item in Animal Jam, the Charm Bracelet!
I have to admit when I first saw this thing I thought it was chains and skulls. And since I just glanced at it, 'Charm' looked like 'Chain'. I'm glad it's not, cause I was gonna say...'ts a little mature for Animal Jam! But it is cool, I like how all the shamans are there! But I just wish they had picked a different base color, cause gray/white really does look like chains and skulls! Also they should pick another name for it. How about Shaman Bracelet? Yeah, that sounds better! I would be such a good AJ designer ouo Also yesterday's item was the Feather Earrings, which are also new! I think the developers of Animal Jam are back in the groove of releasing new items for us!
It is too bad when they don't release a new item (and yes, I've complained about that before) but it's a lot of work to release new items... I mean, they ave to come up with new ideas for clothing items all the time, then get an AJ artist to draw the item, and then they have to animate and program it for each animal so it stays on and looks good. Den items are a little easier I assume, since there's 1 program for all den items that they already wrote. They just have to draw it. But still, it's hard to make all-new items every day! Okay, now for the update. As you've probably already guessed, I do have a new giveaway!! But it's different, it's not so new... It actually started in January 2014, but now I'm wrapping it up! So here are the prizes:
  • Rare Bow and Arrows
  • Worn Blanket
  • 2nd birthday cake
  • Either a purple or black glove
So yes! This giveaway is completely free, and you can click here to enter. All you need to tell me is what you want, your username and I will enter you in the contest! Official rules are on the Animal Jam Potato Contests post. The deadline for this thing is Friday, May 29th so if you want those rares better comment now..! Also, these are genuine. I have proof that I started an account in September 2010 and after I was on for a few months I bought the Worn. I got the birthday cake in September 2012 for AJ's 2nd birthday and I got the bow and arrows and gloves from someone. So yeah! I hope you like the giveaway! I'm going to wrap up this post with a video about the Beach House that came out on Thursday:
Hope you enjoyed this post! Bye now!

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