Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hey Jammers! When I first signed into Animal Jam this morning, the first thing I noticed was the NEW LOADING SCREEN!
I think you know what that means! Anyway, iiiit's Thursday, and you aslo know what that means! UPDAAAATES!! And yep! We were right! THE SUMMER CARNIVAL IS HERE!!
WOOOOHOOO!!! THE SUMMER IS BACK IN SESSION!! YEEE HAW!! Sorry, I just get reeeally excited about this thing :D In my opinion, it's one of the most fun events of the year. Like last year, it doesn't appear in your party list but you have to click the signs around Jamaa.
So let's get in and explore a bit! The music of it is awesome. It sounds like a real carnival (except not the exciting thrill of waiting in hot lines for an hour!) Let's check out that podium in the middle with all the bags to see if it does have performing lions and bunnies in suits.

Nope. No it doesn't. Just boxes and bags. It would actually be hard to perform on that if someone doesn't clean those off. What's in those anyway? More phantoms? They definitely seem to have a lot of those at the Carnival. Well anyway, is anything new? All the games are the same, all the shops seem to be the same, and there's definitely no roller coaster, so I guess there's nothing new this year in the SuHOLD UP. WAIT A SECOND. HOLD YOUR FACE. IN YOUR TOES. HOLY CRAP.
A SLIDE?! IN THE SUMMER CARNIVAL?! AND I HAVE BEEN HOLDING DOWN THE SHIFT KEY FOR 3 MINUTES SO maybe i should stop now. But seriously!! This is amazing!! SLIDES FOR EVERYONE!!! You know what I always say (actually you probably don't because I don't say it that often on this blog but meh whatever)...
Tbh, I do love slides though.
There's a bounce house up there too! So cool. Also, right next to it, there's a little camping bench where you can go camping with your snake! Or other pet I suppose.
You wouldn't believe how long it took me to take this picture, first there were people in the way and then AJ marked the things I wrote as "inappropriate" XD
Cool! So they added an entire new back section this year. Nice! Let's see if there's anything else different.
NEW ITEMS! Right from the get-go! I spent almost all of my tickets on this cute but ridiculous Hummingbird Balloon Hat:
I'm so dorky in my hummingbird balloon hat :3 It's expensive though. The only thing I can buy now is this Bundle of Balloons, which I already have:
Speaking of balloons, there's a red one on top of Candy Catch. Is that new or did I just not notice it before?
Wow, I got so caught up in talking about the Summer Carnival that I forgot to talk about anything else! There are other pages of the Jamaa Journal, you know. So let's get to them!
Oh. New questions and we already talked about the Summer Carnival. A lot. SO NEXTPAGE!!
Oh cool! A new theater! I was wondering if they were going to show all those animated videos (to commemorate new and returning animals) that AJ has been making recently in the game. They have had at least 11 so that's cool that they have their own theater... I actually made a blog about this theater! Mostly because it's called The Huge Appondale Theater and the initials are T.H.A.T. So it's #THATblog! :3 I'm so immature. Click on the picture or here to visit it.
Okay, onto the next/last page!
Yep, another animal out and gone. But hey, when the otters come back, they can join the rest in T.H.A.T! Also I'm stumped with that "secret image" thing. Where is it? If you find it, please let me know! Jamaa is a big place and it just keeps getting bigger so it's hard to find a specific thing... Eh, I'm sure it will be all over the Animal Jam blogs by tomorrow. Okay, next...ah, well, the last page is just yet another ad for the Spring Bunny so I won't repost it. Speaking of Spring Bunnies, I saw one in Crystal Sands today!
So if you haven't seen one actually in Jamaa, there it is. Well that's it for this post! It was very long. Sorry about that. Long posts are fun once in a while! :D So goodbye, and I will see you next time!

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