Monday, June 29, 2015

A Mysterious Glitch Involving a Screenshot

Hey Jamookalookas! (sometimes I just don't even...) How's it goin'? How's ya been? Today I'm posting 2 days in a row again! Yaaay :D So, yesterday's item took the Summer Carnival to Mary Poppins land with the Parasol!
Nice! It's very pretty :3 Pink is my second favorite color, and lavender is my third so I think it has a very nice color choice. But wait... wait a second. Look at the price tag. I assure you, this is in the Summer Carnival! Why non earth does it say 600 gems?! I didn't even notice that when I took the screenshot! That's so weird! It's not even 600 tickets. This is what it should be:
That's so strange. The original picture was taken yesterday, by the way, at around 3:15 PM. I wonder what would happen if I bought it...? Twas probably a glitch. Well anyway, while we have that to chew on, it's Rare Item Monday!! :D This week's is the Rare Eagle Hat, which unfortunately looks exactly like the regular Eagle Hat.
The purple one is today's rare. Here it is on the 6th page of Jam Mart Clothing:
It looks so sleek and cunning. And purple. I like that it's purple! However, I do NOT like that it is an overpriced recolored "rare"...again. Anyway, so on this blog, every month I select a game from the Sol Arcade to talk about and I call this segment Game Spotlight. Today's game is Fruit Slinger.
This game was first released in 2011, and of course is the Animal Jam version of Angry Birds. There's 5 terrains with a "boss" giant phantom level at the end of each. There are 50 levels total. The Starfruit can have some pretty funny results...

I think my favorite fruit is the Horned Melon, which you unlock when you get to the 3rd stage (you unlock a fruit every time you pass a terrain) because it's big and heavy and can just ram right into the phantoms and kill many in one swing. RAHH!
I am not actually sure why I just said that. Well anyway, I am stuck on level 43 (level 3 of the 5th terrain) and I don't know how to finish the level. But other than that, it's a really fun game! I love throwing the fruits at the phantoms and seeing what damage it can cause to them. I'd rate it 9/10. Random fact: the 5 fruits are all exotic ones found on tropical islands: the dragon fruit, acai berry, horned melon, starfruit, and lychee. Okay, that does it for this post! I hope you liked it. What do you think of this game? Tell me in the comments. Bye!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Cheapest Item In Animal Jam

Hi Jammers!! What is up? Animal Jam is updating right now, exciting exciting, wonder what could be new...
All right! now we just have to wait a few minutes! *elevator music plays* *waiting room music plays*  *taps feet*  *dances*  *starts to grow annoyed and reloads* Yeah! It's back on. Aaaand absolutely nothing is new. Well that was a waste of time! Anyway, I got presents x3 in my Spin so that's pretty cool! Let's see what they are.
Ah, a Moon Necklace. I love that color, it's so pretty! Purple and lavender are on my list of favorite colors besides light blue and pink. I basically just like all pastel colors X3 I'm going to wear it.
And a Candy Cane Tiara...great! I only have about seven hundred and ninety three of those! That's going right in the recycle bin. (Yeah, I know you can't technically buy it anymore but it's not a very good item so I don't care... :P) Anyway, onto the third gift!
Aaand it's some ugly glasses. Eh, I didn't expect much from the spin presents anyway. Okay, onto other matters! Remember that update last Thursday? (Like, that was, like, so long ago, omg guys...) Well I didn't go over all of dem updates! There are physical changes to Animal Jam's terrain and interface (oo fancy science words) including the MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE OF THE GEMS!!
WHERE THE HECK DID THEY GO?! O gems, where art thou? WHY DID YOU LEAVE USSSSS And by the way, the achievements are gone too... something weird is going on. ANIMAL JAM IS POSSESSEDoh they're right there.
Whatcha doing in there, gems?! Silly gems. And you brought your buddy the achievements with you. Now why'd you do that? That is a very stupid place to be. Come on. Get real. (Seriously though. They were perfectly fine where they were along with all the other things!) I hope the people at AJHQ/WildWorks change that back, because that was an extremely dumb idea. LET'S PETITION THIS!! Speaking of, the gems have changed too, they've gotten bolder.
Well they would have to, to make a bold move like that. HAHA! Jokes for days!! I'm so funny! (Is this how you laugh?) I do hope they change it back, because the gems and achievements are much more handy dandy when they're above your screen wherever you are. Well, I guess that does it for thESE ANimal Jam updates. Haha, I tricked you into thinking the post was over! Well not really, because you can see there's more text and pictures underneath that. Just don't even try, Neros. Anyway, now that that segment's over, does anyone remember a few posts ago (on June 20th) I entered that space contest? And spend 11,000 gems on it? Yeah, that space contest. Anyway, I wonder if the results have come in?
Yeah, I'd take that as a yes. Let's take a walk down on over to the Daily Explorer to find them out! The contest ended on June 21st though, so it's been a while.
No, none of those animals are mine. Well, I knew that was going to happen... did I really have a chance against all 12 million or so Jammers that might be competing? But they didn't give a lot of spots this time... last time they gave the prize out to 8 people. But it doesn't really matter, congratulations to y'all who got featured and got the plaque, I thought all the winners were very creative! If you want to enter the next one (the theme is Summer Carnival parade) then just click here and enter before July 5th.Here's what my entry looks like:
Okay, now onto a completely different topic/segment, a tour of Animal Jam's patriotic 5th annual Freedom Party!! Yeah!
So, first off, when you enter the party it looks like a typical 4th of July fireworks gathering or party, with pillows and blankets on the ground and glow sticks you can get, and it's all dark outside, except the fireworks are jammified!
They're shaped like stars, giraffes, peace signs, paws, bunnies, and just about anything you can think of! It's a great party, and I really like the way they drew the sky, it's so pretty. It reminds me of the cover of Passenger's All The Little Lights. Although the party is really small, you can basically see the whole party from that screenshot. Except some important things, like SHOPS!
This is the den shop, but it's deceptive. It doesn't actually sell any of the fireworks there, instead it sells totally new items!Here they are.

Wow, a lot of emphasis on shooting stars. They're not exactly the same as fireworks, AJ! And some balloons, nice. Those remind me of last October when we went to my brother's friend's mom's (it's complicated) MVAP party, which is an organization that helps animals in a political standard and helps pass laws for animal rights. Anyway, red, white, blue and star balloons were there and that's why I thought of it. Oo, there's a popsicle stand! Mmm, I want a popsicle. You guys probably don't care, but I thought I'd share that with you. That first item does NOT look safe.
Jeez, if someone lit a match... Who just has a pile of fireworks lying around?! Oh right. Lots of people, Neros. Lots of people actually do fireworks on 4th of July. Goodness, sometimes I'm just... :3 Aaanyway, let's go onto the clothing shop. Good god, this post is long.
Here's the first page. Sorry, I forgot to take a screenshot of the second. I was too busy laughing at this... is there something wrong with this picture? Like something about the price tags? That's right- the Freedom Mohawk is COMPLETELY FREE.
XD What the heck! They must have really liked that item and so they gave it out to everyone for free. It's an okay item, patriotic but nothing special... why's it free?! That's so weird... maybe it's a mistake. Moving away from that, the clothing shop has all-new items too! The top 3 are making their first appearance this year, but the freedom hats are returning. Anyway, that's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you next time!

Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey jammers! So, as you probably know, AJ got another HUGE update yesterday, and I wasn't there to post about it! Darn me. Actually, I was finishing a post that was supposed to be published on Wednesday. And so I had to time to write about said update. You see what I'm sayin'? Anyway, on the first page of the Jamaa Journal, guess what? I mean, it's pretty obvious by the title of this post. But yeah! Llamas are finally here!!
Yaay! Cool! I really like llamas, I think they are adorable and funny ^.^ AJ tells us to make a llama party or school, but we all know waht we're really gonna do...
Oh Carl. That series was so funny until the last few *sniff* episodes when it got really *tears come streaming down my face* SAAAAD CARL WHYY OH MY GOODNESS I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE don't watch it if you don't want to cry. like literally if you think you don't cry you will cry. Okay, onto more normal matters (this blog is never normal XD) on the next pa-WAIT. WAIT A SECOND.
nooooooo ;_; And we were so close! Ever since the Diamond Shop came to Animal Jam 2 years ago every single new animal was added to it. Aw, come on man! We want all the cool animals too! Come on! (Says the girl that has 56 diamonds XD) I never spend my diamonds and that's why I have so many of them... I think the last thing I bought was an owl and that was months ago. I wish I could give you gus diamondsss D: But anyway, as I was saying, onto the next page!
A pet contest? Say whaaat? Cool! now we get to choose the new pet! That elephant looks absolutely adorable with that hair, I'm picking them.
Woah, those peacocks are so pretty!! I love that one's rainbow feathers. Peacocks are so beautiful in real life, I love watching them walk, they're so funny! I also love seeing elephants, they are so majestic the way they graze and so cute the way they care for their babies. I also love their trunks, I really would like to have a nose that sucks up water. Imagine if someone was annoying you and you just suddenly burst a huge stream of water at them and caught them totally off guard, IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS haha I have about the maturity level of a four and a half year old. Armadillos are also pretty cool! But overall, I like elephants the best. I wonder who will win? And I wonder what Animal Jam will do with the 2 that don't. Like will they be released later or..? I don't know. But I'm sure sooner or later all 3 of those will come to AJ, just you wait. Anyway, over on the next page we have some pretty purple and pink patriotic plushies in the pumpkin zoo! (Imagine if I had said that out loud, I would have been spitting all over gross) So let's check those out!
OH YEAH!! PATRIOTISM FOR DAYS!! As you have probably guessed by now, I am not very patriotic. I am American though, which gives me like 10% more... patriotism? Neros, being patriotic and loving your country is not a video game. Remember that for once! Aanyway, I love the Freedom Party. It's so pretty with all the fireworks, and even though it's small I think AJHQ has really outdone themselves with the art and graphics of this one, I love it! It looks like a real fireworks show! There is one on in 9 minutes. Let's see if we can squeeze in a tour.
And the Summer Carnival plushies! Yes, the Freedom ones are back, with new animals!! Sugar Gliders and pigs, cool! Let's go to the plushie shop to check out the full selection.
There they all are in their cutie patootie shop after replacing all the other plushies. They're such smug little plushies, and yet still adorable :D

Yeah, there they are! Along with all the ones from other years. But good heavenly mother of Sasquatch, what is up with those prices?! A thousand tickets for something that's literally 9 pixels wide? Come on. I wonder if they'll add more as the summer progresses. That Giant Pig looks like he's having a grand old time, just sitting there with his chest puffed out.. he looks like Captain America. Or wait, doesn't he have a blue shield/chest thingy? *le googley typing sounds* Yeah, he has a blue background with a white star. Okay, then the opposite of Captain America. Anyway, let's move on to the next page.
Ooh, more stuff about llamas. Yeah, this is the learning side of Animal Jam that only appeals to 7 year olds! To be totally honest though, those exhibits in the Conservation Museum are pretty nice. There's statues of the animal and videos and pictures and facts and all kids of goody goods and this time, it's all about mountains! Where I live! Just kidding there's no wifi on the mountains and I would die... Okay, this post has been going on for far too long and I need to stop it so, the last page of the JJ is just reminding us that there's only 2 weeks left to purchase their dumb membership card. Wow, I can't believe it's already almost July. 2015 is half over and we didn't even notice! WE GOTTA DO THIS! WE GOTTA 2015 IT UP BEFORE IT'S OVER!! ONLY 6 MONTHS LEFT GUYS!! I don't know what I'm saying half the time. Speaking of, I saw another Spring Bunny the other day.
Just chillin' with those emo flowers and drowning in a top hat. This is the definition of cool. I like the idea that the flowers follow you around, but I don't like the idea of buying a membership when I already have one. Anyway, it's late and I have to go to bed, so goodnight my peoples! There are more updates but I will cover them tomorrow, so sleep well and I will murder you in your sle-waht? Noooo. You know me. I would NEVER do something like THAT. BWAHAHAHAHAI'm so weird...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tiny Bunnies and reading your comments!

Hey Jammers! I'm posting 2 days in a row today, woohoo!! So, as it has been recently, the 2 new items are in the Summer Carnival. In the plushie and clothing shops. First up: in the good ol' clothing shop, we have the good ol' Carousel Hat which has all the good ol' horses and slightly menacing good ol' wolves under its good ol' canopy.
This is a pretty cool item! It's like a carnival ride on your head! That would actually be very painful though, and not to mention heavy. Ouch. Crushed by a hat. That sounds like a book title!
That looks like a good book. I bet Finklebert Muffinshpicter will be very successful in their writing career. Anyway, the item in the plushie shop is the also returning, the incredibly small Bunny Plushie. It's even smaller than the other small plushies.
It's so tiny!! It could fit in your hand, it's so bite-size. But I don't recommend eating it. It would taste like stuffing and felt. Yuck. Oh boy, I'm remembering the time when there was a bowl of white stuff, and I thought it was frosting so I dipped my finger in it and ate some, but... it wasn't frosting. It was baking soda. It tasted awful and many people were staring at me. I have now learned to check what it is before I eat something! Anyway, you might be wondering about the "new segment" part of this post, and that is coming right up! So, as you probably know, I don't have time to reply to some of my comments. I try to, but sometimes I just can't get around to it. Well now, I'm going to start answering them IN A POST! And I'm calling this new segment...
(It's AJP edition because that's also what VEVO does and I couldn't think of a better name right now. And I already have Ask Neros.) So, why I wanted to do this is the fact that just the month of June has 13 comments so far (that's crazy!), and so I wanted to answer a few of them in a post so I'll be sure you see the answers. Anyway, our first comment comes from EpicRabbit25.
Aww, that's so nice! Wow, I don't even think I've read every single post. Well, I mean, I've written all of them, but I haven't gone back and read all of them. That's really impressive, and that's sweet of you to do that! You rock for commenting! All right, the next comment comes from Cutepups522.
(This comment is specific to a post called Singing Lessons with neros1234, you can click that title to go read that post) Yep, that Johnny Cash though.... *twangy Texas banjo plays in the background*  And cool! I really like MCR too (and so does most of Tumblr) so that's nice that we have one of the same interests! Okay, next comment! This next one is from S Papp.
(This comment is specific to a post called MURKY DEATH WATER, you can click that title to go read that post) Yaass! The Mysterious Benedict Society is amazing!! I have read all the books, including the prequel. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's an amazingly addictive series of books about 4 children who go on adventures trying to defeat the evil Mr. Curtain and his Ten Men. There are 3 books, plus a prequel, and you should go read all of them. Right now. Well, finish this post, and then go read them. Anyway, our next comment comes from Lara Doggy.
Wow, 1:11 AM?! That's early! Maybe the time zones are different. Anyway, thank you so much!!  Yes, tons of people have been quitting their AJ blogs lately, it's quite sad... But don't worry 'bout me! I'll be here for at least another 2 years! I'm only 12, so I won't get too old for AJ for a while. (I consider 15 too old.) Cool, I'l check out your blog! It'll be nice to read someone else's content as well as making my own for a change! I used to read the Animal Jam River, but then she quit her blog so there isn't that anymore. Okay, the last comment of this segment is from 5yoyo5.
Well thank ya very much! Yeah, I recognize you from AJR, you commented a lot. Well welcome aboard! I hope you have a good journey à la AJP! That is very nice of you to say. I put a lot of work into my posts, and that's really nice to be appreciated! It makes me smile to see you guys responding positively to my content :) Well anyway, thank y'all for your very nice and flattering comments, but that does it for today! Make sure to leave a comment if you liked it, and I will respond to it on a later episode of Ask:Reply! Bye for now!

Pet Rules

Oh hey, you've made it to the bottom of the page. Well, now that you're here, it's now your responsibility to make sure the pets get fed. So:
1. Feed Pete 2 or 3 fish. DON'T FEED HIM MORE THAN THAT!! He'll fall over!
2. Over on the Fun Stuff page, feed the fishes about 15 pieces of food (5 clicks) Don't let the red one eat all the food! She's very greedy.
3. And finally, feed Rosie who is also on the Fun Stuff page. She needs about 2 apples and 1 piece of broccoli every day. She loves being brushed, so you should pet her with the brush too!

That's all! Now go feed them. THEY'RE HUNGRY. Oh, and by the way did I mention they need these daily?