Wednesday, June 17, 2015

10 Reasons Why you Shouldn't Have a Rug Made of Sand

Hey Jammers! What's up? What's shakin'? How's it going? For me, it's great! You know what? I'm going to go eat a popsicle Be right back.
All right, now I'm better than great! I am popsiclicious!! Okay, the new items in Animal Jam are more additions to the sand castle series, except they're in a weird formation. Usually the newest items show up on top, but it's not like that...
So, the Sand Oasis and Sand Armoire came first, so they should be on the bottom. Then the SandMan came, and then the Sand Window! That's backwards!! Then, in that backwards formation, the Sand Rug came and then, today, the sand toy box. And then they just shoved everything else to the second page.
Here's what it SHOULD look like:
Do you like those pro editing skillz? You can hardly tell it's photoshopped! Although maybe the half gems to the right of the sand window might give it away... Anyway, today's new item is the Sand Toy Box! How would that stay together?! It looks pretty sturdy. Maybe it's just a sand colored box.
Those sand toys look pretty tentative and delicate... I think AJ wanted us to think they're all "Yay, look at us, we're sand toys, come play with us!" but I think they're have a more "I don't want to rest here because the wall might crumble and we'll all fall out and DIE" kinda thing going on. How in the world did a starfish get in there?! Who keeps a starfish in a toy box? Maybe it's a toy starfish. I keep asking questions and answering them with maybes. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, SELF! Oh, also, yesterday's item was the Sand Rug so let's take a look at that...
Impractical. The only word I can say about this is impractical. WHY HAVE A RUG MADE OUT OF SAND?! That makes zero sense! It would disintegrate as soon as you brought it to your house! And if it didn't, it would disintegrate when someone stepped on it! And don't even get me started on what would happen if you put some furniture down. Hoo boy. Also, it's so small! It's like a pancake! Rugs are not that small. Even if it was a real rug it wouldn't be useful. The sand would get all over your house and no one likes stepping on sand without socks on... It would also get on the furniture, and that's not nice to sit down on some sand. Ugh, and having to sweep up all the time... It's just a pain! Why have a sand rug? I'm all done with my rant now. I love how I'm going on and on about a thing that isn't even real... XD All right, well 1 week ago the giant update came to Jamaa, and apparently it was so big I didn't even notice parts of it. Like this lovely new Topiary Shop!
Wow, it just blends right in with the grass. If it weren't for that bright red sign I never would have noticed the store. But this is cool! These, along with the giant animal plushies and animal posters, were sold in the Conservation Museum until about 2013. Then they got rid of all three and replaced them with animal hats and exhibits. And now the topiaries are back! Yay! Here's what they sell:

Nice! I think the newest one is the deer, which came out in December 2013... yeah. Needless to say, these have been gone a while. And they aren't the only ones I missed from last week's update! To go along with the rainbow items at the Cloud Party, there's some stylish rainbow clothing now available at the Diamond Shop!
Cool! AJ has been doing this for several years now, adding new armor in the Diamond Shop every 2 months or so, and this is the latest! A pretty fabulous polar bear is wearing all of it and displaying it in the Diamond Shop.
That polar bear knows what's going on! That polar bear has got the sass! I'm gonna name her Louise. Louise the fabulous polar bear! Unfortunately, she will be replaced with a somewhat less fabulous animal wearing a different armor in a few weeks. ENJOY HER FABULOUSNESS WHILE IT LASTS, PEOPLE!! Well, I hope you enjoyed this post while it lasted too, but now it's time to go. (like my little segue there? i'm working on endings... :P) I shall see you next time! GOODBYE!
P.S. i'm done with my popsicle now! just in time! :3


  1. Wow! Your AJ blog is cool! I am looking forward to reading your posts everyday from now on! I think you are really amazing, as many people have quit blogging about Animal Jam, many of my favorite blogs! It's hard to find active, good, and persistent bloggers about AJ. I also do blogging, and I would love it if you checked my blog out too! We could help each other, as I don't write to lengthy and interesting posts xD.
    Stay Awesome!

  2. Hey, this is a pretty cool blog! I would enjoy to start reading, after not having posts on the animal jam river anymore... Anywho, I really like it! Keep up the good work!


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