Monday, June 29, 2015

A Mysterious Glitch Involving a Screenshot

Hey Jamookalookas! (sometimes I just don't even...) How's it goin'? How's ya been? Today I'm posting 2 days in a row again! Yaaay :D So, yesterday's item took the Summer Carnival to Mary Poppins land with the Parasol!
Nice! It's very pretty :3 Pink is my second favorite color, and lavender is my third so I think it has a very nice color choice. But wait... wait a second. Look at the price tag. I assure you, this is in the Summer Carnival! Why non earth does it say 600 gems?! I didn't even notice that when I took the screenshot! That's so weird! It's not even 600 tickets. This is what it should be:
That's so strange. The original picture was taken yesterday, by the way, at around 3:15 PM. I wonder what would happen if I bought it...? Twas probably a glitch. Well anyway, while we have that to chew on, it's Rare Item Monday!! :D This week's is the Rare Eagle Hat, which unfortunately looks exactly like the regular Eagle Hat.
The purple one is today's rare. Here it is on the 6th page of Jam Mart Clothing:
It looks so sleek and cunning. And purple. I like that it's purple! However, I do NOT like that it is an overpriced recolored "rare"...again. Anyway, so on this blog, every month I select a game from the Sol Arcade to talk about and I call this segment Game Spotlight. Today's game is Fruit Slinger.
This game was first released in 2011, and of course is the Animal Jam version of Angry Birds. There's 5 terrains with a "boss" giant phantom level at the end of each. There are 50 levels total. The Starfruit can have some pretty funny results...

I think my favorite fruit is the Horned Melon, which you unlock when you get to the 3rd stage (you unlock a fruit every time you pass a terrain) because it's big and heavy and can just ram right into the phantoms and kill many in one swing. RAHH!
I am not actually sure why I just said that. Well anyway, I am stuck on level 43 (level 3 of the 5th terrain) and I don't know how to finish the level. But other than that, it's a really fun game! I love throwing the fruits at the phantoms and seeing what damage it can cause to them. I'd rate it 9/10. Random fact: the 5 fruits are all exotic ones found on tropical islands: the dragon fruit, acai berry, horned melon, starfruit, and lychee. Okay, that does it for this post! I hope you liked it. What do you think of this game? Tell me in the comments. Bye!

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