Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bumper Cars and some Crazy Jam-a-Grams

Hi! How's it going? As you know if you play Animal Jam, it usually releases about an item a day. (Although that was broken yesterday, 2 or 3 items came out.) Yesterday's and today's were both in the Summer Carnival den shop. They are really cool, I love the art style of them!! Here was yesterday's, the Carnival Flags.
I really like the shading on this one! Like the Carnival Lights from Monday, they look like they could belong in a real carnival. Animal Jam has really improved (although they were always amazing) since it started. Oh, and today's new item is the Bumper Car!
YEAH!! I LOVE THOSE!! They're super fun. STORY TIME! So last year me and my friends went to an amusement park for the end of the year field trip, and we went on the bumper cars. We got in, I sat down and I was all ready to bump into my friends with a car. That's when I realized that my car was broken! So for that entire ride I had 6 different friends ramming their cars into mine as hard as they possibly could which was not very fun... But anyway, after we got off we did some other stuff, but then went back to the bumper cars a while later. And this time, me and my friend Molly both had cars that worked AND were the fastest ones in there. I think Molly was screaming "WOO HOO!!! TASTE MY WRATH!!" and I was just like "SWEET REVENGE" and it generally was just a very good day. Anyway, back to Animal Jam! I just really like bumper cars, and this one is AMAZINGly drawn. I love it so much omg. Okay, onto something different! It is time for...
Yeah! I'm back to doin' these! I haven't done one for a while! We'll see how it goes. Okay, our first Jam-a-Gram comes from margaret88305.
Hoboy, it's the whiny 6 year old side of Animal Jam... If you complain and whine and overuse punctuation, no I'm not going to buddy or trade with you. I have a whole waiting list of great people that either asked nicely or were nice to me. Sorry! Okay, our next JAG comes from a non intellectual person named turndownforwhat6.
GET OUT OF MY LIIIFE (I've dealt with this idiot before, trust me he is really annoying...) Okay, let's move onto some happier messages!! This one's from abby5901.
Well thank you, Abby!! You rock too just for sending me that! That's very nice of you. You know what? I'm going to tell you that! Enjoy your new Jam-a-Gram to add to your collection. (Well, it's not really a collection but whatever XD)
Okay, onto the next Jam-a-Gram! This one's from watup4561.
Oh thanks, I rather like Blossom also. I didn't spend a lot of time designing her (she still has the same colors) but I like how she looks! What about watup's animal? Let's see what that looks like.
Wow, you really went all out with decking it out with shiny stuff... It's very complex and crazy at first sight. It's hard to distinguish which items are which! Meh, I'd give it a 8/10. (Hey that's my birthday, August 10th)  And don't say that's just because that person is nonmember. I rated it that because it's complicated and I don't like that color pattern, so don't go after me like Tigerlypaws. (If you haven't heard about that whole issue, she was an author on the Animal Jam Spirit and trolls went after her because they claimed she "hated nonmembers" and then people started spreading rumors.) Anyway, that does it for this episode of Mailtime! Isn't it funny that all the Jam-a-Grams I got say "Proud as an eagle"? XD SO now, for our update, a random jammer in Coral Canyons who is convinced that I'm rare.
They kept saying how my New Year's Party Hat was "really good" and how I'm "so rare"... For the record, I'm NOT. If you look at my trade list, I have Rare Item Mondays and Horned Leg Pads. I've just been around longer than most people and I'm persuasive so I can get items like a Cami's Frog or a claw machine. And why I have these things is not to show off. It's not to show that I'm "so rare" like that guy said or that I'm better than you, it's just that I like how they look. The Cami's Frog is adorable and lots of people have never seen one, so I wanted to show you what it looks like in a den. Not in MY den. Also a lot of my friends got pretty good items in 2012 and 2013, and then quit. So they give all their items to me, which is incredibly nice of them. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am not rare even if you might think I am. (I earned my New Year's Party Hat in January 2012, when it was released as an MMG, and I wear it because it looks amazing.) So that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want to be featured in Mailtime, just send me a message and I'll put you in a post. Okay, goodbye! See you next time!

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