Friday, June 5, 2015

Clowns Need Beauty Too

Whatup Jammers! Man, they have a lot of new items in the Summer Carnival lately. AJHQ releases 1-2 every day! But that's cool, at least it's not returning items in the regular stores. So today's new summer item is a companion to the regular old Vanity, but clown-ified!
It's kind of weird-looking. As I've said before, I really don't like clowns ;_; But I can't judge! You know the old saying! DON'T JUDGE A CLOWN BY ITS MAKEUP! Or maybe it's a bit different. Than that. Hmm. Okay, onto another new item, this time it's a pineapple on your head that sounds fun LET'S GO!
Wow. It looks like a mushroom if you take away the green leafy part. Right? Maybe? I'm not crazy! Let's take away that green part using the magical wonders of Photoshop! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Meh, that's the best I could do. It totally looks like a mushroom now! Doesn't it? Well, now that I look at it, not really. I was thinking more like this: (the hood she's wearing)
You see it now. It just works. Okay, onto other matters! Namely items. From a while ago. That I forgot about. Oh, by the way that's Lindsey Stirling in the picture above! SHE IS AMAZING. I went to her concert last night and it was the coolest thing ever oh my goodness... She is an extremely talented person, you should check her out on YouTube. Okay, back to Animal Jam! So you know that Elegant Couch that came out last Saturday? Well it's back! And it brought its friends!
Well technically it never left, so it can't be back but meah. These are the Elegant Table and Sconce by the way. Really expensive though.... 1.5k gems for a candle holder? Not exactly fair. Although it is Epic Wonders, everything is overpriced there, mm. While I was in Epic Wonders, I noticed that the Lucky Throne will be leaving in a week. Took them long enough! Was 3 months too little for you?
Also the Cupid's Bow and Arrows is still in stores, which I'm kind of surprised by. It doesn't even say it's leaving in said number of days. Valentine's Day is over, people!
Hmm. Maybe it's not even a Valentine's item. Seems pretty pink to me. Also, I'm sorry for this late post! I've been posting every other day at 7:30-8:00 PM lately, and today was the last day of school for me! So I will try to put out earlier posts. Anyway, there's another new old item that came out a few days ago, in a shop that NEVER gets updated! Animal Jam's finest red roses, coming right up in Treetop Gardens!
Nice! I like roses when they're not murdering the heck out of my hand. (I had a bad experience being the flower girl at a wedding when I was little...) Well anyway, I'm going to wrap this post up. BUT WAIT! 'Tis Friday and we cannot let a Friday go by without EMOTICON FRIDAY so you know what time it is!!

  1. "o" PANIC! AT THE DIS-no. Just panic.
  2.   "o" Now it's panic at the disco!
  3. >8) Evil genius
  4. 0\/0 A very, very messed up person
  5. O.--  *wakes up abruptly* WHAT'S THAT?!
Okay! I hope you enjoyed this post and the emojis! I realized that it kind of sounds weird to say "emoticon" Friday but it sounds better than  Emoji Friday! Something to do with the syllables. All right, I'm going to leave this post here for now! Goodbye, see you in the next post!




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