Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hats and Plushies (and maybe some sunglasses)

Hey hey Jammers! How's it going? I had a little vacation from posting yesterday, but now I'm back! I really appreciate how you guys still come to this blog every day even when Idon't post. That's so nice of you! (How do I know? There is a counter that says how many times this blog was viewed on certain day.) Anyway, as we predicted, the Star Hat has brought its companions the Sun and Moon Hats back to the Summer Carnival. Here they are, all nice and comfy in the clothing shop:
Yay! The Moon Hat looks like one of those hanging things that you put over a crib. What's that called again? Time to consult le google machine!
Ah, a mobile. Pronounced m-oh-b-eye-le. I like pronunciation guides. Pronunciation guides are great. That's why I gave you one! Well, if the Sun Hat and the Moon Hat are here, that means...
The creepy looking Epic Sun Hat and the equally terrifying Epic Moon Hat! These siblings return year after year and they never cease to be creepy. The sun one looks like it's swallowing you! *shudder* Well anyway, on a happier note, there are 4 also new items in the Summer Carnival, and they are all in the plushie shop. So let's turn this boat around (not a real boat. I don't think Animal Jam has boats.) That would be cool though! You could yell at them to get out of the way.
BEEP BEEP COMING THROUGH PEOPLE GET OUT OF MY WAY XD No, what I mean is let's move on over to the plushie shop.

Yep, the Giant Turtle Plushie is the companion to the regular old Turtle Plushie that came out last Saturday. And there's another pair, too! The octopuses have joined the party and settled down for the summer. Goodness, those eyes on the giant one are WAY too small for its body. They're smaller than the orange dots! In fact, I think the eyes on the big octopus and the small one are the same size... Eh, it just makes it more adorable. One of my favorite things about Animal Jam is the adorable cuddly plushies, they're so cute!! Okay, so, yesterday was Rare Item Monday, but I didn't post. So here it is now, the Rare Shutter Shades!
I got this off of the Animal Jam Spirit
Cool! I really like these colors, they really work well with the item, and they actually go together instead of some randomly generated colors that don't make any sense. This is recolor of a different item though, which sucks.
I don't like those colors. They look very menacing. Anyway, that does it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed- wait. AJ is telling me something.
OH NO. NOO WAY. OH MY GOODNESS. It's exactly like I predicted what would happen. You have to wear member armor to protect from the phantoms in the Adventures. No, don't do this, AJHQ! That's really unfair to people that don't have a membership! You take an adventure that's for everyone, and then you make it so people have to spend their diamonds on member armor to play it. No, this is not cool. Here's the prediction video I made in March 2014:
Yikes. That's really bad. I guess AJHQ is just desperate for money. Well, sorry to end on a negative note, but I have to go now. As I was saying, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, leave a comment or share it with your friends, it really helps! <3 Okay, see you next time! Bai!

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