Saturday, June 13, 2015


Hey Jammers! So, do you know who Cloudclaws is? She is an amazing blogger and had a blog called Animal Jam River! Today she has quit it after a long time. Bye Cloudy, your posts will be missed! :) She commented a total of 37 times on here, which is quite impressive. Okay, onto other matters! The last item in the Elegant series was released sometime in the past few days, and it is... *outlandish drumroll*
The Elegant Curtains!! Mr. Curtain is anything but elegant. He is wicked. Mysterious Benedict Society reference, anyone? No? It's a very good book series you should read it if you haven't already. These curtains must be very expensive, they have a ruby right at the top. I wonder how much they are? Oh wait. Wait. XD Hmm, yeah, I wonder what those cost? Surely the answer wouldn't be on the price tag! Goodness Neros! Sometimes I just... Anyway, there's another new item, this time in Jam Mart Furniture! AJ has quit one item series and started right back up with another, because there are 2 new additions to the Sand Castle series, the latest being the Sand Oasis.
Ugh. That water looks gross and murky. Thankfully our drinking water does not come from a sand pit at the beach! You'd gotta have a pretty desolate place to have to resort to doing that though... I mean, there's a lake right by for crying out loud! Have you ever been to a salt beach? I did in 2013 and it was really interesting! The beach is entirely white and there are rocks everywhere. It hurts your feet. That was unfortunate because I had to use the bathroom which was all the way across to the other end of the beach, so me and my mom trekked all the way over there and back. It was not fun. Here's a picture:
That's a sand piper, by the way. See, you learn things on this blog! As you can see, it was very rocky but in this light you can't really see the salt... trust me, the light reflecting off of it was blinding. :P We had to leave and then come back in the evening when it wasn't so bright XD Anyway, that's enough of story time with Neros. There is another sand item, too! So let's look at that.
This is the Sand Armoire. Now that is impressive. How do you even buold that? Those kids must have been there all day. I bet when you put your clothes in there is disintegrates. That must be disappointing... Although they were kinda set up for disappointment anyway by building a wardrobe out of sand. Okay, now to make up for the lack of items (guess they're running out of steam after their big update last Wednesday) we have 2 updates! Yeah! All right, here's update #1! Wikipedia doesn't seem to know when this album was released.
Make up your mind Wikipedia! Come on! They completely contradicted what they just said. Why point out the 2 release dates if you make up a totally different one later?! They did this again with another album:
WHAT STOP CONFUSING US IS IT JUNE 14TH OR 10TH AGHHH I'm gonna find out the actual release date and edit the article to say that. It is my mission! THE QUEST TO FIND THE RELEASE!! Okay, I think it's time for... update number 2! This one's a glitch.
WHAT NOW! It's a volcano den! I do NOT need an ocean animal in a volcano! And the weird thing is I already was an ocean animal.
Hmm. Maybe it's just a glitch because I tried to preview a land den as an ocean animal. But the wrong message popped up. It would be fixed with 1 word! That makes more sense now! Well, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post! Goodbye and have a great weekend!


  1. HOLY COW.





  2. i live next to the ocean


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