Monday, June 8, 2015

Singing Lessons with neros1234

Hey Jammers! WE'LL CARRY ON!! WE'LL CARRY ON! AND THOUGH YOU'RE DEAD AND GONE BELIEVE ME- sorry, but My Chemical Romance is awesome!! When Gerard Way isn't going into a swearing rage while singing. Which happens a lot more than you'd think, actually. Okay, back to Animal Jam! (I have said that phrase way too much on this blog XD) Yesterday's new item was the Ring of Fuire, sold in the good ol' Summer Carnival!
Wow, this item's bottom is exactly like Saturday's Circus Ball and Stand. Except not the ball. Let me show you:
It's the same colors and everything! Isn't that strange? Hmm. I don't like these 2 items, they're all about circuses and circuses are horrible. Animals were not made for our entertainment. They were meant to live their lives as animals, and not be whipped and stand on some spikes just so some people with a bag of popcorn can get a kick out of it. Sorry. But it's true, and people  need to know about it. But not all circuses! Places like Circus Juventas are all about acrobatics and dancing, and those are really cool! So anyway. Oh, this item does have one good thing for it! TWANG TWANG TWANG, TIME TO GET OUT THE GEETAR, IT'S JOHNNY CASH SINGIN' TIME!!
I fell into the bournin' ring of fuire, I went daown, daown, daown, and the planes went higher! Oh it buerns buerns buerns. That raing of fuire, that raing of fuire.
(No, those were not typos, that's how I think Johnny Cash sings :3 ) 

I'm so weird. This post has a lot of singing in it! EVERYBODY SING!! Cause if you say, goodbye today, I'd ask you to be true...BRIGHTER THAN A SHOOTING STAR!! Light o' Christmas shining through, our eyes are smiles you know it could... THIS IS THE NEW YEAR!! WE ARE THE PROMISE! YOU ARE THE BRIGHTEST! WE ARE THE VOICES! THIS IS THE NEW YEAR!! *badabammm* I am in a musical mood! Are you? I have been listening to music all through the day and that's probably why. Okay, there is another item in the stores that was released yesterday. Continuing with Animal Jam's new Elegant theme, the latest item in that series is the Elegant Table Clock!
Oo, fancay! I've never heard of a table clock. It's pretty cool looking though, it's like a mixture between a coffee table and a clock! With a shelf! Moving on,o you know what day it is? (Well duh Neros of course they know XD) It's Monday!! And that means Rare Item Monday! And today's just so happens to be the Rare Tie-Dye Shirt. It's okay. I do like the colors though, they're very bright and loud and energetic. I think I like the regular Tie Dye Shirt better. Speaking of, where is that thing? I remember posting about it like 2 years ago, but now I can't find it in the shops.. did it go on clearance or something? Anyway, I really love making tie dye shirts in real life!! They're fun to do and the colors turn out really awesome. My mom runs a preschool, and she does that with the kids every summer and I help out so that's fun to do. Have you ever made one? If you haven't, you should! It's easy to do and the results are usually pretty sweet. Anyway, today is National World Ocean Day! I didn't know that before I went to They have a feature of Google Maps where you get to look underwater! It's really pretty!
You can check that out here. Also, did you know you can go inside the TARDIS on Google Maps?! It's really amazing! It's not the latest one since the photos were taken in 2013, but it's still pretty awesome.
Apparently it landed somewhere  in London next to a coffee shop.
You can look at that here. Well, I have to go, it has been a pleasure talking to you! (I've always wanted to say that even though it doesn't make much sense in this situation XD) Have a good day, I will see you in the next post!

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  1. Huehue. That Johnny Cash song tho. :3

    I love MCR, too! <3


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