Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some Major AJ Updates (or Good and Bad News for Nonmembers)

Sup Jammers! For some reason Animal Jam is releasing a HUGE update- on a Wednesday! They just couldn't wait till tomorrow to put out another issue of the Jamaa Journal. So let's read it, shall we?
Awww! We knew about the llamas (months in advance), but we didn't think about a new pet! They are so cute!! I love pigs. However, I don't love eating them. I'm going to try to make mine look like Piglet! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
Yay, that works!! Her name is Flyingpiglet. The piglets are very big compared to other pets, don't you think? They're like half the size of the owl animals! They have 3 adorable actions when you click on different parts of their body.
Unfortunately, they're in the Diamond Shop of course. It's so annoying to nonmembers that they can't get any pets because first of all, the pets are members-only and third of all, because they are 3 diamonds each. Well here's some good news for nonmembers! A new adventure for everyone!!
Cool! It's nice to have a new land adventure. I miss those times when they would release a new land adventure for everyone once every month or so, remember that? The very first one (Return of the Phantoms) was released on June 18th, 2013, almost 2 years ago. Fun fact: This will be AJ's 12th Adventure! Also, it is shown it the Parties list, making it even longer...
It goes down to the bottom of the screen now! Well anyway, onto the next page.
Yay, a flying animal party!! A party just for the wings of Jamaa. Unfortunately, yeah, nonmembers aren't invited... hopefully AJHQ will create another flying animal for nonmembers. Well, enough talk! Let's go to this cloud party and take a look around!
Click the picture to enlarge it
Nice, floating trees! The whole thing seems to be set in the sky, which makes sense for a cloud party. I see a shop! Let's see what that's all about!
Ooo, nice rainbows! LGBT PRIDE! I like that Rainbow Skirt. I want a rainbow skirt in real life! That sounds amazing! Okay, what else is in this party? 
Ah, a rainbow, that makes sense. It's so preetty :D This is a bvery small party, by the way. It's about the size of a treehouse den. Here's the rest of it:
And a rain cloud with thunder and light That pool of water streaming down is pretty cool! Maybe that's where rain comes from... Nah,a pool of water could never sit on a cloud, it would go right through it. To the left of this picture there's also a den shop, I wonder what could be in there?
You know, it's the funniest thing... I'm starting to think maybe there's a theme here... :) They love rainbows apparently! I wonder if they'll add rain and thunder items as this party progresses. All right, onto the next page of the Jamaa Journal!
Oh cool, sand castles! I love making those at the beach with my little brother and sister. That snowman in the picture is like hey, I'm back suckers! You thought I was gone when winter went away, but nope! Snowmen in June. With Hawaiian jackets. Oh yeah. Here are all the items so far (a full page already!):
Nice! But the snowman's not there. Noo ;_; I bet he's coming later. Okay, next/last page!
Yeah! Llamas! Hooray!! Aww, they are too cute <3 They sort of look like the Crossy Road llamas as I predicted, but less ugly. And blocky. And these ones don't have their tongues sticking out. So actually not the same at all except for the color! XD And as with all new/returning animals, there is a short animated video to accompany them! This one is very silly. It's about a llama that eats some grass but it turns out to be a lion's mane!
It's actually in 4 places right now- the Appondale Theater, in the Jamaa Journal (though it won't be for long), in the Conservation Museum, and on Animal Jam's YouTube channel. So if you missed it, there are plenty of ways to go see it! Where do you think the new llamas will be? In the Diamond Shop or the regular gem shop? Probably the diamond, as always. *sigh* I like games where you can just get something for the main currency, instead of everything being some special one that not everyone can get... it loses business for the game since it's not really fair. 2 years ago, everything was in that gem shop... Oh! Right! Speaking of, part of the update today has to do with the art and animation of the game, including a cool fairy-dust effect when switching screens.
It's so magical! The other thing they updated is people's player cards. They got rid of a few details and just made big Jam-a-Gram and den buttons.
Now it's all neat and organized! There's one bar for everything. The report and ban buttons are also a light shade of orange now. They have also made the text thinner than it was.
It's not smaller, just the individual letters are thinner. Example: This is thinner than this. You see what I'm saying? Well, that's about it for what's new today! I told you, TONS of stuff. Usually the update day is Thursday... maybe they're changing it? Who knows. So goodbye my readers! I shall see you in the next post.

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