Saturday, June 20, 2015

Star Turtles in SPAAACE

Hey Jammers! Just a quick little post today because I have to go somewhere. Not telling where though. yOU WIlL nEVER kNOWwW Just kidding, it's outside. With my little brother and sister. Anyway, enough about me. Back to Animal Jam! First off, I want to mention the AJP Email List, my monthly Animal Jam newsletter. the June issue will be sent out out at 5:00 today, so if you want to not have to wait a whole month for the next one, sign up for that now! There's a bar on the right and you can go here for more information. Okay! So the 2 new items today are both in the Summer Carnival, and the first one is the Turtle Plushie in the plushie shop.
Aww, it's so cute! It's tiny, too. It's like "Imma little turtle, swimming in the sea, oh no there's a plushie it's on top of me HELP I'M SUFFOCATING" Or at least that's what I picture it saying. Goodness gracious, 750 tickets for a tiny little turtle plushie? That's absurd! Crazy town Animal Jam. Always mispricin' things. I should also mention that this is the first new thing in the plushie shop since the Summer Carnival 3 and a half weeks ago! It's a trailblazer of new plushies! Yeah! Okay, in other news, there is a new Star Hat also in the Summer Carnival, but in the clothing shop.
Good ol' Star Hat. Back for another summer. I expect it'll come with its friends the Moon and Star Hat in the days to come. But wait! Remember that weird formation with the beach items in Jam Mart Furniture? Well it's doing the same thing here... the Stegosaurus Armor was there first.
What the heck AJ?! What is going on with this?! I thought the newest items showed up on top, not wherever you please! They're just like "Hmm, I'm going to stick this item here, and another one here, and then this one on the third page...hmm, yes.." Maybe it's a glitch. Does this appear on your account? Maybe it's just my wacky computer. (Did you notice all the price tags have '.00' at the end of them?) Wait! Hold up. Oh look, it's a message from AJHQ themselves. Let's see what they say.

*15 minutes later* Done!
Whoo! That took a quarter of an hour, 11,000 gems, and 5 diamonds, but it was worth it. I submitted it to Jammer Central. I hope I win because I put a lot of work into making it pretty and buying expensive things... If you want to enter the details are right here. But you only have until June 21st, so go do that after you've finished reading this! If you want to enter, that is. Okay, I have to go now, I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, it's a bit shorter than usual, sorry for that, but now I am going to to go play with my siblings. Bye and have a great day!

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