Monday, June 15, 2015

Swagalicious Snowmen and Hula Dancing Otters

Hey Jammers! So, some exciting news! Remember that swag sand snowman I was talking about when the sand castle items were first announced last Wednesday? Well HE'S HERE!! He arrived- wait. We don't know that it's a he! Stop being sexist Neros! It could be a she! WHO KNOWS! Anyway, they arrived yesterday in Jam Mart Furniture.
Oh yeah! Just look at that sandy swagaroonie face! Look at those supercool shades! I do believe that this is the most swagalicious snowman ever built. I'm going to buy it for my den!
YEAH! I basically think anything with sunglasses is cool.
This seat's taken.
That panda is so swag he's on there 3 times! Ahh, what am I doing with my life... XD Anyway, you know what day it is? It's Monday... (boo!) And Monday means RareItemMondaaaay! If those pesky syllables don't work, dang it I'll make them work! So here is today's RIM.
 Hmm! Well well well! We have a hula skirt, do we not? LET'S BOOGIE!!!
It just screams Hawaii. Have you ever been there? I sure haven't! I know some of the people who read this LIVE there, so that must be fun! Do you actually do hula dancing, or is that offensive? i'm sorry if it is D: You know what, I'm gonna google it!
I guess they do.  WAIT! Wikipedia says otherwise...
Hmm. So did you guys ban it or what? If you're not from Hawaii, I bet you're like "I don't know stop asking me Neros, talk about something else!" Pff. Screw Wikipedia. Hula dancing is fun! Anyway, I have an exciting announcement!
Which really didn't require that, but thanks. Okay, so I am going to have a summer job working at my mom's preschool on Tuesdays (starting tomorrow), so I won't be posting those days. Now that I think about it, that wasn't much of an exciting announcement as it was just a thing you should know. Darn! I had something else I was going to tell you but I forgot! I hate it when that happens. OH! I remembered! (This must look really strange to you guys XD) So yesterday I updated the music on this blog with 5 new songs (and I got rid of some old songs) so if you've been here awhile, you will no longer be greeted by the beginning of Wolf Bite every time you visit this page! The last 2 songs are by MCR (My Chemical Romance for all you peeps that don't know) and I really like them! I am making a music video for Famous Last Words so that should be up on my channel around July. All right, it's update time! This one's about the newest adventure, Battle For the Beacon!
So it starts with Greely talking to you in what looks like an city of bunnies. It's one of those adventures where you have many people with you at once, and it's not 1-4 players. There are phantom waves from the eastlands and the west fields where you have to trap the phantoms and destroy the phantom tubes with boomseeds. When you destroy a phantom/phantom tube, you get sone earth crystals! And you get to spend those earth crystals! THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE, THERE'S A SHOP!
Yeah, you get to buy stuff from the adventure! I really like this one, it has real potential! It's very unique, how you kind of work as a team to destroy the phantom waves, and the shop aspect is brand new! I'm going to try to win this adventure and at least try to get something from the shop (you usually only get 3 earth crystals at a time). Man, evrything's so expensive.. maybe there's something cheaper on the next page?
Yes! There is! Ohh, it's organized from highest to lowest price. I get it now! That tree looks wicked by the way. I'm gonna save up to buy that one! Unfortunately it doesn't save your earth crystals if you quit the adventure. You have to start all over again :( Wow, that's gotta be hard to get the beacon! 250 earth crystals, that's hard to get... Leave a comment if you got that, I'd be impressed to see one! Well that does it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! That sounded slightly creepy.
XD But seriously, bye!! Have a great day!


  1. Neros....
    you don't need to hide who your parents really are, because what people say is goolash.
    - l0ndonpi3

    1. Yeah, just sometimes people are homophobic and I'm worried :/


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